Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who Ever Said Life at Home Was Boring?

You know, when I was working, before the Lord impressed so strongly on my heart that home was where I needed to be...I was a little concerned about being bored. I mean...after all, what would I possibly be able to do with my time at home all day besides the mundane cleaning, cooking and washing, etc. Little did I know that Christ makes even the seemingly mundane into the momentous! Cooking is so much more than just opening up a box of something now. It is trying new recipes, making things from scratch and learning almost weekly new ways to provide nutrition for my family. Cleaning is all about providing the best atmosphere for my family and enjoying the benefits of a tidy home...well, at least sometimes!!! And what was I thinking about boredom? I don't have time to get bored!!! I have so many things to learn and I am truly enjoying all the things I am being exposed to just from the benefit of being a stay at home Mom. My work was never as varied as home. Take for instance this week alone...there is laundry, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, reading new books aloud to my children, learning to sew, learning to quilt, reading books about the agrarian lifestyle, and the list goes on. And then there are also the unique tasks that fall to me. I mean, who would have thought that I would have actually spent time bathing a rodent?

If you had told me while I was a school librarian that I would later spend a part of my day bathing a guinea pig in the kitchen sink...I would have laughed out loud!
Now, tell me what CEO can claim such diversified knowledge as to say they have given a rodent a shower?

No, a stay at home Mom is qualified in more areas than one can ever imagine.
I think I enjoyed the experience more than she did. What interesting things do you do from home?

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