Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enjoying a Beautiful Day!

While my in-laws were visiting with us for a few days, we went on the post at Fort Bragg to visit the 82nd Airborne Division Museum. Unfortunately, it is closed on Mondays, the day we chose to go. But, that didn't damper our spirits or our fun. There were airplanes to look at and a helicopter to climb inside and have a picture taken.
The children probably wouldn't have enjoyed the day anymore had we actually been able to get into the museum. They ran from aircraft to aircraft looking at many of the types their Grammy Poppa had jumped out of when he was in the military.

While we were there, a C-130 plane flew overhead and little Julia looked up and wanted to know if her Daddy was in that big plane. Even now when we call on her to pray, her prayer is always the same, "Daddy no deploy. Amen."

I know exactly how she feels. We are closing in on 100 days without Daddy. I like to look at how far we have come instead of how far we have to go....especially when the to-go part is so much more than the already gone part!
My comfort continues to be the fact that the Lord never allows anything in our lives that does not go through His authority first. No matter how bleak or harsh things can seem...just like in the book of Job...God is in control. And whatever He does if for His glory and our good.

"I can in all states cast my care upon God, cast my burden upon God, I can commit my way to God in peace: faith can do this. Therefore, when reason can go no higher, let faith get on the shoulders of reason and say, ‘I see land though reason cannot see it, I see good that will come out of all this evil.’ Exercise faith by often resigning yourself to God, by giving yourself up to God and His ways. The more you in a believing way surrender up yourself to God, the more quiet and peace you will have."-The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs

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