Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gospel-Centered Marriages Conference ~ Part 1

Well, we arrived home safe and sound from the conference.  However, my youngest daughter ended up getting sick the last day of the conference.  I think getting off our regular diet and lack of sleep was a little too much for her.  As is usual, it has gone around all the children.  I think in a day or two we will  be back to normal again.  For those of you that commented on my son's rash, it ended up being a viral infection.  I have seen rashes at the end of viral infections before, but nothing of this magnitude.  I am always amazed at things the body can catch and the different ways each of my children react to the same virus.

How can one family need so much for just a few days?  

One of the idiosyncrasies of our family…we have to have a fan for background noise to sleep.  So, we make sure we always take one with us.

I usually have my list of things that need to be packed.  I never thought I would arrive at this moment.  I remember having to pack for all five children and myself.  Now, I can sit and read off the list of things needed.  They run and get them, run it by me and pack it in the suitcase!!  It's GREAT!

Some of us wanted to get on the road a little faster than we could pack.

While on the road we saw some interesting sights….don't you just love vintage cars?  

Finally, after multiple stops for bathroom breaks and car sickness, we finally saw the mountains before us.  It was truly a beautiful sight.  It is one of my dreams to live in the mountains again someday, Lord willing.

The trees were not at their peak when we were there, but there were still some gorgeous colors.  It was so lovely to see this sight when we left our rooms every morning.

Undulating hills and fall trees dotted our landscapes.

Finally, we reached our destination.  Ridgecrest is a lovely setting and it was such a wonderful time in the Lord.  We met new friends, fellowshipped with many people and sat under godly teaching.  I hope to be sharing some of the insights we learned about there.  Until next time!