Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Assignment

Well, it is official. We are heading to Fort Bragg next. Jonathan got his Request for Orders yesterday and he is being assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This, of course, means a deployment. But, that comes as no surprise. He was basically told that wherever his assignment would be next time, he would be deployed. We do not have specifics yet. He does not know what unit with the 82nd he will be assigned to yet, and therefore does not know when he will be deploying. We will let you all know as soon as he finds out. Although we are terribly saddened to know that we will be apart again soon, we do thank God that He has placed the children and me near my parents and friends to be able to assist us while he is away. I cannot begin to tell you all the lengths my parents went during the last deployment to serve us...flying to Texas multiple times when we were so very ill on several occasions, my dear mother flying out to Texas just to drive back with me and the children twice so we would not have to spend Christmas in the house without Daddy and to give us a little vacation along the way by stopping in Pigeon Forge. And God blessed me with another dear friend, Heidi, who would drive an hour to pick up my mother from the airport when I was too sick to do so...who kept my children when they had the flu until my mother could come, and on and on. And as God would so graciously see fit...Heidi will also be there at Fort Bragg! I pray that this time, we will not deal with all the sickness and difficulties that we faced last time...and maybe our family might be there to serve those who served us for a change! Please begin now to pray for Jonathan's safety...that God would keep him well, both physically, mentally and spiritually. Pray for the children and myself who will have a hard time finding anything that will take the pain away from missing him...that God will keep us strong, healthy and bring us closer to Him during this time. We love you all!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Celebration of Joy

Last weekend, we were able to celebrate two birthdays! Julia turned two and Josiah, our oldest son, is now seven years old. We celebrated with just our family and had a great time. We have revamped our eating so dramatically that for the first time, the children had a "healthy" cake. It is not as flashy, nor as sweet as the traditional ones, but they enjoyed it anyway. The children are allowed to choose their own birthday meal...and since Julia cannot tell us yet, we went with Josiah's selection. So, we had homemade potato soup. Other big news...Josiah lost a tooth on top and is on the verge of losing another! It is so cute to hear him talk as if all words now contain a slight s. I am so very thankful God has allowed me to have these precious ones another year and to share in their lives! Our great and wonderful the God we serve!