Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Celebration of Joy

Last weekend, we were able to celebrate two birthdays! Julia turned two and Josiah, our oldest son, is now seven years old. We celebrated with just our family and had a great time. We have revamped our eating so dramatically that for the first time, the children had a "healthy" cake. It is not as flashy, nor as sweet as the traditional ones, but they enjoyed it anyway. The children are allowed to choose their own birthday meal...and since Julia cannot tell us yet, we went with Josiah's selection. So, we had homemade potato soup. Other big news...Josiah lost a tooth on top and is on the verge of losing another! It is so cute to hear him talk as if all words now contain a slight s. I am so very thankful God has allowed me to have these precious ones another year and to share in their lives! Our great and wonderful the God we serve!

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