Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Update

The Lord has been so gracious to give me three good days in a row healthwise. I am truly thankful for them. It just brings to mind once again how much I take for granted. I have been trying to do some catching up on things that haven't gotten done while I was very ill. Only God knows what my tomorrow will be, but I am trying to make the most of today while not overdoing it. We spent a good portion of the morning trying to find fall shoes for Joy and Joanna...where was the search conducted? Well, let's see Marshall's, Rack Room, Belk's, JC Penney, Sears, the Shoe many shoes were found? Zero!!! Can you believe that? I went out with the children last week and we found some for Julia, Josiah and Joel already. Joy's foot is long but so narrow...many of the shoes that will fit are not becoming of a young lady. And she prefers flats...which means it is hard to find flats with narrow sides. And for some reason...all those places just happened to be out of 13 1/2 which is Joanna's size. So, not sure where we will go next...but go we will. Just not today, I am a little overwhelmed with it all.

The following pictures are of the children. Joy is working on a script with a friend of hers and they were able to do some of it at our home this past Thursday. Her friend brought over some of the costumes and I thought I would share them with you. You will see make-up on the girls...just to clarify, none of my girls wear make-up yet...this is just for the purpose of their story.

Julia decided she was going to play along too, even though she is too young to read a script. She sort of got into the lipstick on her own!

This is Joanna in front with her dress and cloak. Notice Joel in the background...he was upset because he couldn't put things on his face too. We had to have a little discussion about that one.

Here is my son Josiah with his hobbit cloak on.

And lastly, Joy who is the elfen princess.
Hope you have a great ending to your weekend. God bless!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's Will, My Rest

It is a hard thing sometimes to submit to the Providence of God. In my finite way of thinking, sometimes I think I know better than He does what is best for me. I surely would not have chosen my current health issues if given a top ten list of ways to refine me. But, that is why I am not God. I do not see the big picture, nor do I know what is best for me. I have bought into the whole Western mindset of know...nice house, good health, vacation twice a year...all those things that have been ingrained in me by my culture that are true contentment. But, really, that is not what Christ says. He cares more about our holiness than our happiness.

Yesterday, I had a rough day. There were a few "episodes" of dizziness, tingling in my hands and legs, some muscle weakness...and today, although I am not has actually been a much better day for me. It is a strange feeling to never know which one you will wake up to...the good day or the difficult one. But, God is using this to remind me of the brevity of this thing called life. None of us ever really knows if tomorrow we will wake up. So, it is important to live every day, every hour, every second as though this one might be our last. On my good days, I am learning to appreciate things I took for granted before, to be thankful to a God who has given me strength. On my difficult days, I am learning to wait on God, to submit to His authority, and to in His providence and know that He loves me regardless of how I feel. It is not easy, but it is a good thing. So, right now, I am resting in His will, and what better place is there to be?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Here

It's been a little while since my last post. It seems I have run into some other health issues that have kept me from keeping up with regularity on my blog. I have missed writing and posting pictures and hearing from some of you by way of your lovely comments. I don't want to bore you with the many symptoms that I have been having so I will try to make this VERY LONG story as short as I possibly can. A couple of months ago, I had the amalgam fillings removed from the left side of my mouth. Since then, I have been having some pretty serious complications...things like muscle weakness, partial paralysis, sleepy all the time, itching all over my body, but no rash, dizziness, etc. Right now I am being sent to a specialist and will go through a series of tests to try and rule out this and that. I feel that this is a direct result of the mercury...however, I am open to the fact that it could very well be something else and am therefore, going to follow the doctor's protocol concerning my symptoms. Today has been a good day. I have had a little more good than bad lately and for that I am grateful to God. It is a frustrating place to be. When the labs start coming back fine...then you get "that look" know that one that says, "Well, we know your husband is deployed, you have five children, you are you handling all of that?" I used to get the same thing about my migraines that I had for about 12 years until I found a chiropractor who got my atlas back in line...and then you know what? NO MORE MIGRAINES!!! Now, I am in no way discounting the effects of stress. It can make all things seem worse. But, just because conventional medicine can't find the "answers" doesn't mean it is stress. So, I am praying and waiting on God. It has been especially hard to go through this without dh here. But, through it all, God is showing me in a real and tangible way that I am truly never alone. He is always with me. He knows my body better than even I do. And I am waiting on Him to direct me in the next step I should take concerning these problems. It is amazing how many things we take for granted isn't it? You don't realize how blessed you are physically until your health is stripped from you. You don't always appreciate those you love like you should until you are apart. And unfortunately, we don't always understand the goodness of God until we walk through valleys. He continues to show me His whisper to me of His care, His love, His never-ending faithfulness. And today, even though I am not well, I am thankful. And that, my friends is a good place to be.

Here are some recent pictures of my blessings. May you have a great day in Jesus!

My first born son...a lover of all things history!!!

My middle child...the one whose picture is beside the word determined in the first grade this year and already reading Little House on the Prairie!

First born daughter...right hand girl...crafty lady...wearing the first skirt she sewed.

Baby girl...what a ham!...loves to perform...and my little cuddle bunny!

Second son...cutie pie...melt your heart smile...normal volume of voice ~ HIGH

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Do you ever have scenes like this at your home? Silly question, if you have children...of course you do. Isn't it amazing what their minds will come up with? Of course, having two boys who love to play all things battle, sometimes they recruit their little sisters to be on their side. Here, Julia is wielding the sword.

Who needs a real horse? Joanna just enlists her brother for the job!

Ferocious looking huh?

And in case you were wondering, those helmets they are wearing are actually toy bins with all the toys dumped out of them. Of course, they had to wear them very carefully because if not, they fell down over their eyes and they started bumping into things. I am always shocked at the uses of everyday items of our home in the hands of my children.

May you have a God blessed day!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Eternal Hope for the Christian

Isn't it wonderful to know that no matter how difficult things in this world may get...this is as bad as it will ever be for a believer? With government bail-outs, trillion dollar debt, socialism and yes even fascism taking over our land once known for its independence and freedom, socialized medicine on the way and being taxed on every possible level, etc., isn't it reassuring to know that we are only pilgrims passing through here? Doesn't it do your heart good to know that even as evil as this world may get, this evil will pale in comparison to the riches of His glory, to being in His presence, to knowing what it is like to bask in the light of the Holy One? I leave you with this wonderful thought today dear Christian. This was taken from the daily Grace Gems.

All the hell that you shall ever have!

(William Dyer, "Christ's Famous Titles")

"Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows!" John 16:33

"You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand!" Psalm 16:11

Cheer up, Christian! The sweetness of the crown which shall be enjoyed--will make amends for the bitterness of the cross which was endured. This world is all the hell that you shall ever have!

Here you have your bad things--your good things are yet to come!

Here you have your bitter things--but your sweet things are yet to come!

Here you have your prison--but your palace is yet to come!

Here you have your rags--your royal robes are yet to come!

Here you have your sorrow--your joy is yet to come!

Here you have your hell--your heaven is yet to come!

After the cup of affliction--comes the cup of salvation!

Oh, sirs, under the greatest troubles--lie your greatest treasures!

The seed of sorrow on earth--shall reap a golden crop of joy in heaven!

Those who sow holiness in the seed-time of their lives--shall reap happiness in the harvest of eternity!

Oh! sirs, never think to have an end of your sorrow--until there is an end of your sin!

The apostle tells us, "Our light affliction, which is for a moment--works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory!"
A grain of affliction--works a weight of glory!
A short moment of pain--works an eternity of pleasures!

Therefore saints, be of good cheer! Here is comfort for you--your best days are yet to come!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have You Ever Gotten Those Looks?

As a homeschool family, I am used to getting "those" looks...if you homeschool, you know the ones. Those that say, "Are you in your right mind?" "Why would anyone want to do this?" And although we do not have a large family, (especially by homeschool family statistics), we do have a large one considering the 'average' American family. So, for those of you that know exactly what I mean, this video is for you! And for those of you that don't, I think you might find it funny anyway!