Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday, the children and I went to one of my favorite stores, Marshall's. I like it because you can find new items for more than half off, especially on their clearance aisles. I don't go a lot, because we are trying to put away as much money as possible to hopefully buy us some land and begin a more "homesteading" type of lifestyle. But, right now, this is where the Lord has us and we are waiting on Him. I have been looking for some red coffee mugs for several months now. I found these yesterday for $2.99 a piece. And why would I want just two of them? To put in these, my favorite jars! I got this Montana red hocking jar from for free with my Amazon rewards credit card. I pay it off monthly, so there are no late fees, so, it truly was free!
I saw this idea in a magazine and on a few blogs that I frequent and thought it was the cutest idea. This cup will now be used to scoop out my organic green lentils, and the other one is in my hocking jar that holds my Sucanat. The jars provide air tight storage for my foods, keeping them fresh and the cups allow me to scoop out larger amounts at a time, while providing a decorative touch. Practical and pretty and inexpensive. Total for the jars and the coffee mugs? $6.30!! Not bad huh?

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