Saturday, July 25, 2009

Frugal Friday on Saturday

I haven't done a Frugal Friday post in a while. It seems that life is getting in the way of posting!! I would have posted this yesterday, but I spent four hours in the dentist office removing my amalgam fillings from the left side of my mouth to hopefully begin my body on the long road to detoxing from mercury poisoning. But, that is a post for another day! Needless to say, when I came home, I did not even want to look at the computer!!! They drilled down four of my back teeth and put on temporary crowns. But, praise the Lord, that phase is over and I go back in September to complete the mercury removal for the right side of my mouth. Now, on to more pleasant things. With fall approaching rapidly, it is time to start accessing what the children need for clothes. I found these great buys at a local consignment shop here. This is such a cute little two piece outfit. It is a winter outfit, but the dress is short sleeved. It works very well for our mild winters here in North Carolina.
Price for both pieces? $11.00!!

Joy likes wearing sweaters with thinner shirts and blouses, so we found this vintage looking basic black sweater for her.

Cost? $3.50! You can't even get the materials for that price!

And this has to be my favorite find. This is a beautiful, gray, fully lined Rothschild coat for my six year old. These coats begin at over $100 and go to almost $200 retail. It is in mint condition.

Price? $20. I was ready to do the happy dance over this one!
I buy most of my clothes for the children one season ahead so I can get the best clearance prices. But, there are always things that we need. Consignment and thrift stores are the way to go. That keeps me out of the mall...which I don't enjoy going to anymore...and keeps our clothes budget doable. I also save clothes from one child to another and as it stands right now, the boys already have all they need for fall and winter. So, now I will be looking for tights, socks, and undergarments for the winter. Planning ahead saves money and also keeps my stress level down because I don't feel like I have to get all these things right away. This keeps me from impulsive buying. Hope you have a very frugal weekend!


Lois said...

Wow, those are excellent finds. We always were able to find all of our clothes at garage sales and thrift shops until about 2 years ago. My daughter, who is 14, is small, and finding clothes that fit that aren't "little girlish" is a challenge. We also moved, and left behind an excellent thrift store, and I haven't been able to find any that don't have just kids' and "old lady" clothes. I've about given up on sewing. Fabric is pricey, and finding modest patterns is nearly impossible.

On your previous post about the coffee cups, you put one of them in sucanat (sp???) I've seen that on recipes and I don't know what that is. Is it a sweetener? Where do you buy yours?

His bondservant said...

Basically sucanat is a sweetener that is made from the juice of the sugar cane. It is still mainly sucrose, just like white sugar, but it has many more solids in it (such as molasses) than the regular white refined sugar. Sucanat is made when the juice is extraced and then the moisture is evaporated off. It is not as sweet as refined white sugar, but you can use it in your recipes the same as you would white sugar. It is a much healthier substitute for white sugar, but since is it sugar, you would want to use it sparingly. There are two types of sucanat that I know of...molasses sucanat (brown in color and a perfect substitute for brown sugar) and honey sucanat (light yellow). The honey sucanat is make when a mild honey is added to the juice of the sugar cane before the moisture is evaporated off. It is sweeter in flavor than the molasses sucanat. I buy mine from a local co-op, but have noticed that the health store in my area is beginning to carry the molasses sucanat. You can find it online as well. Check out the Hope that helps!