Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow, Beautiful Snow!

For those of you who get snow regularly where you live, you may not understand the elation that we felt when we looked outside yesterday morning and saw the beautiful white flakes falling all around. Fayetteville, NC is my home. Since marrying my husband, we have left this area to live elsewhere, but have found ourselves here at Fort Bragg, right back where I started from. The places that we have lived since my children were old enough to remember, have not gotten snow...unless we call little flurries that don't stick snow! My northern friends would probably laugh at that! But, we live in a place that if there is a touch of white that falls to the ground and stays there...there is a run on every grocery store in the area for milk and bread...(people fearing of course that they will not be able to get food because of the dire driving conditions!) I am sure to many, in other parts of the country, this is truly comical. I can count on one hand, having lived here most of my life, the times we have gotten any snow worth mentioning. None of my children have ever lived in an area where they can remember snow. So, it was a huge hit! They spent most of the day staring out the window or front door at the beautiful snowfall. Isn't it amazing how looking at God's creation, we find that nothing man can concoct can ever match the beauty and elegance of what He has created? Seeing the pristine whiteness of the snow also brought home the verse, "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow." What a beautiful picture God has painted for us in the sacrifice of His Son! May your day be blessed in Christ Jesus!

This is a picture from the outside looking in...the children (and our dog Bonnie) waiting for the moment when they can run outside and play in all that snow!
I was inside taking pictures of the kids and Jon outside. This is Jonathan and Joy loading up snowballs to throw them at me standing at the door!

Jonathan just let one snowball go and hit the door right where I was standing! Ha, ha, I was warm inside!

Sweet picture of Daddy holding his baby walking through the snow out front. Until next time!

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