Thursday, January 15, 2009

Protecting the Eye Gate - A Movie Review

As parents, one of our primary functions is to protect our children from harm. That harm includes many things...things they see, read, listen to, wrong associations, etc. One of the most overlooked areas that we find in our society happens to be the "eye gate." What do we let our children watch? From horror movies, to video games that promote killing, to programs where we constantly have women and men parading around on screen in immodest dress...and the list goes on. It was with this in mind...and the fact that one cannot even look at a good many commercials today to see things that we would not want our children exposed to...that Jonathan and I decided to not have cable television anymore. In fact, we don't watch any TV in our home. We do have a television, but we use that mainly for school curriculum for a few subjects like math or art. For the most part, we watch DVD's that have been carefully screened by Jonathan and myself. And, we are even careful as to the amount of time that our children are allowed to watch DVD's. We have found that even if the material is not questionable, too much watching causes them to lose valuable tools of their imagination, as well as giving them a mentality that they "need" to be entertained. We would much rather them play together, work together or spend their time pouring over good books. One of the challenges in our society is finding Godly material, or at least moral material that we would allow our children to watch. That is what brings me to tell you about a wonderful resource our family has found in "Franklin Springs Media." They are a Christian company that has wholesome, inspiring DVD's fit for the whole family. They are extremely well done...just as professional as any you would find in the secular world and they have been such an encouragement to our family. So, if you are looking for great material to for the whole family...and you would like to support their efforts by buying their DVD's...please go to their website and give them a try. I will be posting reviews of movies and books periodically as I find those that meet our criteria. If you have any you would like to pass on, please leave a comment. We are always excited to find new things to add to our library! Until next time...God bless!

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