Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party

Believe it or not...I actually made it to a TEA party on April 15th. It wasn't the type I had planned originally to attend. I had every intention of going downtown to our local TEA party to make my voice heard with many others on the topic of wasteful government spending. The fact that parking is a real problem downtown, coupled with nap issues for little children, told me that I would have to wait and do something else another time. But, I was invited to another type of TEA party, one that was infinitely more enjoyable. Who can resist beautiful little ladies all dressed up in their feminine best?
God has blessed us with meeting a wonderful Christian family from our church that invited us to this tea party. They also have five children just like us, with three girls and two boys. They are a godly family that is such an encouragement to us, even in the little bit of time we have spent with them. What a blessing to have Christian friends that share our values and encourage us in the Lord.

This is one of their sweet girls here.

And here is another. Isn't it nice to see young girls in modest dress, not ashamed of looking feminine? I just LOVE it!

Even little Julia had to look like a little princess.

Here are some of the ladies now, waiting to be escorted by their chivalrous brothers and friends to the tea party.

Lovely table setting.

Young men in training. Here is my youngest Joel (age four) escorting his sister Julia (3) to the table.

Pushing the chair in for her.

Josiah escorting his sister Joanna.

Our friends oldest boy pulling out the chair for Joy.

And once they finish the all important task of taking care of the ladies...they do what boys do boy things! Notice the sword, helicopter on the couch, soldiers littering the floor. And who said there wasn't a difference between boys and girls? God always knows exactly what He is doing...and it is always for the best. We celebrate the differences.

More boy action.

And here are the girls outside after the tea party playing wedding (notice the bride with the veil) with everything they need but a groom. But, who needs a groom when you are 12 and under?

And what would a old fashioned tea party be without the Virginia Reel? It was a lovely day. One with many great memories. Cherish these type of moments. Embrace new friends. God bless you today.

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