Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wonderful Book to Read

I am reading through a wonderful book right now by John S. C. Abott entitled, "The Mother at Home."  It is a wonderful book, full of timely advice from a Biblical perspective.  Here is just one quote from the book.
"She (the mother) must learn to control herself; to subdue her own passions; she must set her children an example of meekness and of equanimity, or she must reasonably expect that all her efforts to control their passions will be ineffectual.  A child gets irritated and strikes his sister; and the mother gets irritated and whips the chid.  Now, both mother and child have been guilty of precisely the same crime.  They have both been angry, and both in anger have struck another.  And what is the effect of this sinful punishment?  It may make the child afraid to strike his sister again but will it teach that child that he has done wrong that it is wicked to be angry?  Can it have any salutary effect upon his heart?  He sees this his mother is irritated, and thus is he taught that it it proper for him to be angry...This self-control, at all times, and under all circumstances, is one of the most important and most difficult things to be acquired."


Camille said...

I have that book Jackie! :) What a wonderful quote you shared from it. Truly there is much wisdom to be gleaned from it.

Have a wonderful week my friend!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I have regretted many out of control parenting moments. It is vital that we control ourselves. How else will our children learn?

So many mothers today are out of control. I met three today, that can't control their children, they lose control and then they just want to get away from them and stick them in daycare. It broke my heart.

His bondservant said...


I know exactly what you mean. I have regretted many such moments in my parenting as well. I am learning more and more that I can do is only through total reliance on His Spirit that I can accomplish anything of worth.