Monday, October 4, 2010

History Reading

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid book collector.  I have always had a great appreciation for books, mainly given to me by a mother who read to me almost non-stop!  So, when I became a homeschooling mom myself, it was easy to start filling the shelves with quality literature.  Unfortunately, many good history books are out of print and we have authors today who choose to rewrite history to fit into their political, spiritual and social agendas. 

A great resource for history books that we found out about years ago at a homeschool conference are the Landmark books.  There are about 200 of them, and most all of them are out of print.  We have picked up a few here and there from homeschool conferences we attended.  I have gotten some great deals on them through Ebay.  And I have also been fortunate enough to find them tucked away in obscure little used bookstores we have found while vacationing.  I never seem to take a vacation from searching for books!

I never thought we would have this many just picking up one or two here and there.  But, here they are.  I had my oldest daughter get them all out and write out the titles for me since I have been known to buy a book I already have!  We'll blame that one on getting older!  I urge you to look for these books when you are out and about.  They are written on about a fifth grade level, but hold so much information on their individual subjects that they are fit for adult reading as well.  Some of the best children's authors of the 50's were asked to author these books, so they capture the reader's attention.  My oldest son, Josiah, has really enjoyed these and has read several already.  Since they are out of print, some of them can be expensive, but at the homeschool conferences we have attended, they have ranged from about 8 to 12 dollars a book.  I have found quite a few of them much cheaper by winning auctions on Ebay or by finding them in used bookstores.  Other people have been successful getting them almost free from libraries that are discarding them!  So, when you are out and about, keep a lookout for Landmark books...and Happy Hunting!


Chelle said...

Love your books. I hope to get many more too. I have just started collecting them. I hope to have shelves like you someday. If you ever come across a book outlet thats a good place to get them (some) are half price.

Camille said...

How wonderful! I *love* books too! And have a great pile there...the photos are perfect for this post. :)

I will have to check out the Landmark books...I'm always on the lookout for more good resources. Thank you!


His bondservant said...


They are also divided up into the US books and World Landmarks, but they are both the Landmark series, one just obviously focuses on the World events, which you might be more interested in. I think you would like them though.


His bondservant said...


Thanks for the tip about the outlets. I will try to keep my eyes open for those.


The Heaton Family said...

Oh, I LOVE history books! I was so sad to have to downsize our library last year. I actually got rid of some of these wonderful Landmark books. *sigh*

His bondservant said...

Oh Gail, that must have been difficult. I think weeding down my books would probably be the hardest item in my house to ge rid of!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I've been picking up a bunch of these books, too. Found a bunch they were giving away at our library, free to homeschoolers!

Vicki said...

We just recently discovered Landmark books. Last week we found The Wright Brothers at a Goodwill Book Store and loved it. We are reading it together at night before devotions and are almost finished. I have bought another on E-bay and ordered one from paper back swap.