Monday, February 23, 2009

A Wonderful Movie

I wanted to tell you all about a wonderful movie that I discovered some time ago. I am a great fan of the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. It is much better than Hollywood's version of it. And if you have read the book, the BBC production is one of the closest adaptations from a book that I have seen. I found this movie quite by accident and it has quickly become one of my all time favorites. Our family has an extremely strict set of rules when it comes to movie viewing (we do not watch TV). Anyway, this movie is one of those keepers. It takes place in England, so don't let the title fool you. The first time I just saw the title "North and South" I thought it must be about the Civil War! There is a tender love story and it is so refreshing that they never even kiss until the end of the movie. Quite honestly, I would have rather that have been after they were married like in Pride and Prejudice, but nevertheless, I think it is a movie well worth watching. It is a little too mature for children however, so I do caution you. There is a young man that does commit suicide by drowning in the river. You do not see when he does this though, but you do see his body when the police take it to his wife for identification. He is fully clothed, but is a purple color from being in the river where the dye from the factory has drained. There are other themes children would not understand, such as fighting among union members in the factory setting, the leading man fights a man over the fear that his smoking will cause a fire in the cotton factory, and a possible a few others that I cannot recall. But, there is no profanity in the movie! There are no inappropriate relationships either. It is a great movie to watch with your husband one evening. Pop some popcorn and make that a date night! You can rent it online through Blockbuster, or through Netflix. I have not seen it in the stores, but we bought our own copy through Amazon. So, give it a try and if you do, leave a comment and let me know what you think! Happy viewing!

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Diane said...

Hi Jackie, this is a movie I have been wanting for the longest time. This one, and Wives and Daughters. I will have to buy it sometime.