Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Before Going to Church

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We were extremely busy in the Fowler home. Time was spent finally getting ALL the Christmas things down and put away. The yard was completely raked front and back...and that is a feat in itself with all the trees we have! We spent time organizing drawers and continuing the scaling down process by giving things away. On top of that, a run to the commissary, a menu list for the week and school planning just to name a few. So, it was a very productive weekend. These are some pictures I took before going to church on Sunday. The first one is of my dear husband (dh) Jonathan. The love of my knight and man of velvet steel.

Here is sweet little Julia. Oh, another thing I spent some time doing is trying my hand at making hair bows. They are outrageous to buy and when you have three girls that can get costly. This one was done actually to match a dress I bought at a consignment shop for Joanna for spring, but Julia wanted to wear it. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but the ribbon matched a color of one of the polka dots on her dress. The bow is not perfect, but I am pleased with it for a first try. I will show you others as I go along. :) It is hard to believe that my little baby girl will be three on the 6th!

This is my lovely twelve year old Joy. So sweet and compassionate. A true help to her mother...who needs all the help she can get! It is a privilege to see her growing into womanhood with such grace and watch her grow in her walk with the Lord.

My middle child Joanna...the most passionate of my children. She feels everything to the fullest...whether it be frustration or joy or affection. I like it when she feels the affection part best. :) She is a go getter and has a hard time understanding why at five she is not able to do all the things her twelve year old sister can!

My first born son. He has his father's humor. He also has an amazingly large vocabulary for a boy that is just turning 8 on the 9th. He likes to use Scottish and British dialects and he LOVES anything to do with the Alamo, the Civil War, pirates, swords, guns, and the list could go on and on and on and on!

And lastly...cutie pie Joel. He can be content with others, or by himself. He is a great protector (most of the time) of his little sister Julia (which by the way could pass for his shadow). He is forgiving when wronged and his favorite food is apples, or grapes, or watermelon, or strawberries...well, just about anything in the fruit line. He is cuddly and cute. And amazingly adaptable to things. When we first got the dog, he sat on the couch most of the day telling us how much he wanted that puppy to go. Take it back he said. Now, he plays with that dog more than anyone. They are buddies. In fact, his head tends to smell a lot like doggy breath because he gets on the floor on all fours and pushes his head against her to get her to play with him. She really doesn't have any choice. When he is upset, or gets hurt, he will often bypass his father and me to go get comfort from the dog. Totally unexpected!

And that about sums up life, for the most part, in the Fowler house. God bless. Until next time!

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