Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Some of the first signs that spring is upon us. These pictures were taken out in front of our home this evening. These beauties are blooming under the fig tree. The tree, however, still lies totally bare. No signs of visible life yet. But, soon, it too will burst forth with the signs of a new season, and it will bear gifts from the Father. He will fill its branches, a beautiful reminder to us of His daily provision and His good gifts.

I have such mixed emotions about this spring. My favorite season this year will be clouded with the inevitability of a year without my husband, and our children without their father. But, it is God who reminds me in these little flowers that He too brings beauty out of darkness, hope from despair, good gifts from a barren soil.

I am reminded that in life, pain is just as much a part of our days as happiness. But, it is only God that can bring hope from despair. Out of the barren soil of my life, He formed newness, healing, and peace. He knows all about pain. His life brought Him pain. His pain brought me life. And because of that.. out of my daily dying to His will... I can walk afresh... just as the flower blooming from its once barren soil. I too have sprung from a barren soul. He makes all things new and alive and beautiful. Dear God, help me to live through my pain to see Your life...the good gifts You bring in the midst of the sorrow...hope from the recesses of a heart that is not all it should me to be like this little flower, pushing up through darkness of a separation from the dearest part of my flesh, my dear he is taken from me for awhile....I thank You that You are ever near...teach me to know Your peace.

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