Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting Real

Sometimes homeschooling families, or really any family for that matter, can get caught up in the myth that every other family out there is more spiritual, more organized, has better curriculum and lives in the house that never gets dirty. Well, I am about to show you what reality looks like. One thing I have learned that is absolutely true about homeschooling is that it is impossible to keep a pristine, Country Living layout home while you homeschool multiple children. The truth is we all have our shortcomings. I get cross and sharp when I shouldn't. My children are not perfect (even though their Nana would argue the fact). Our house is not always clean, as you will witness first hand from the photos below. I strive at being organized. I have read books about it. I have several lists going at all times. In fact, right now, the items that are weighing my purse down most are probably all the little notebooks I carry around with my lists. I put another one in because I forget that I already had one! How is that for organization? I am always questioning myself with curriculum...are they reading the right books, are they getting the best math program, are they where their peers are, and so on. So, I too, fall into the trap of reading about all these "other" families and saying...Wow, I wish I were perfect like they are! What I couldn't do for the Lord if I could organize my home like that...cook meals like that...always look fresh and like June Cleaver when I am vacuuming! (Those of you that don't know who she is...well, you're just too young then!) But, the truth is...God works in the lives of imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will. The truth is...that through my weakness, He shows Himself strong. The truth is not just my training, my curriculum choices, my best efforts that mould my children, but the greatest work is from the Holy Spirit moving and working and influencing their lives. The truth is...I don't have a perfect home, but I serve a perfect God. And if this gives you any encouragement today, may He be praised. Remember, it is not all the seemingly beautiful, post card images that will be is a life surrendered to God and finding beauty in what some would call mundane, but what He calls ministry.

This picture is what little boys do to anything they have dominion over...make it a battle ground of course!

Here is the same table AFTER clean up!
What do homeschooling families do best? Well, make little mounds of books everywhere of course! Here is your proof! This was actually cleared before breakfast and it looked like this by 10 am!

If you were wondering what that it is AFTER clean-up. Oh's a kitchen counter! Shocker!

And here, we were trying to see if we could start our own multi-purpose store. As you see, we have a little bit of everything. Maybe even a new Wal-Mart concept in the making here!

Ah, as long as I can look at it clean (most of the time) before bed...I feel better.

May the Lord give you grace today to see humor and value even in the little messes of life!

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Anonymous said...

that is a great post! I also like to have things picked up at night, so at least when I am asleep the house is neat.