Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Call Me Graceful!!!

Did you ever have one of those mornings when you felt great and were ready to tackle the day head on? It has been a while since I felt that good to say that...but Saturday morning was that kind of morning for me. I had my mental to-do list and was buzzing around the house like a busy little bee...making the bed, championing the children to make theirs, getting dressed, calculating all the places we would go in search of clothing items needed for fall, thinking of how much time I could take before I had to get back and rake the plethora of leaves that have fallen in my front yard...and the list goes on. Then something called life decided to slap me in the face that morning...or rather I should say in the foot! While I was going full speed around the bed, so glad to be feeling energetic for once...a little thing, or should I say a rather big thing, a big wooden thing got in the way of my toe. BAM! Yep...I thought I had broken it. Still not sure whether it is fractured or not. I don't know when the last time this 40 something Mama jumped so high. It literally made me cry and I usually have quite a high tolerance of can't have five babies and not have a high tolerance for pain!!!

Don't you think the colors are lovely? They don't quite look like fall, but we can imagine they do. Anyway, all of a sudden I have five children rushing to their ailing Mama who is rocking back and forth and crying on the such pain I have no idea what I hit because the pain is all over my foot and shooting up my leg by this point. Every time I looked at it yesterday, the purplish black color kept spreading. When I woke up this was at the base of my toe as well. It really isn't that bad long as I don't have the sheets on the bed touch it...and when water touches it, that hurts too...oh and did I mention socks and shoes...that doesn't feel very good either...but other than's just peachy!

So, that is why I am here on this Sunday morning instead of church. You wouldn't think such a little thing could cause so much problem would you? Amazing what those little appendages are capable of when they get hurt. Otherwise, we don't even give them a second thought huh? Well, this little toe has sure got my attention now...and I will never look at it the same way again. My dh wants me to get it X-rayed to see if it is fractured...but if it is...I don't want to wear that big 'ole shoe around for weeks...or have it taped up...and I am just tired of going to doctors lately. I was SOOOOO looking forward to this week because I didn't have a doctor's appointment. But, I may still go. Right now...I am limping along...still grateful that things could be a whole lot worse and they aren't. At least I can least the rest of me is feeling pretty least my children don't have husband is healthy and I've talked to him...God is still on the throne! Yes, in the scope of life...this is just an insignificant little bump, a rather painful insignificant bump, but still insignficant. Hope your having a blessed Lord's day!


Gail Heaton said...

ouch! that looks painful! Bless your heart.
the colors *are* pretty though....

Lois said...

Oh my, I wait a week to check your blog and find so many lovely additions! Your poor toe. Here's a Bible verse to help your next few stumbling days: I Cor. 12:26 "And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it..." And verse 22: "...that the members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary." It just came to mind, how you never really need your 4th toe until you, well, NEED it!

I hear you loud and clear about the compromising too. I teach a Bright Lights group in my home to a group of about 11 girls ages 10-14. The lesson on holiness (being set apart from the world) and last week's about words probably held more conviction for me than it did for the girls, but we talked about that very topic. Thanks for the confirmation. I sure would love to meet you some day. If we do, I hope you could get a word or two in I could learn something! God bless you.

His bondservant said...


Love the verses...especially in light of my recent "stumbling." :) I would also love to meet you as well. It is nice to "meet" friends via blogging, but it would also be nice to take it a step further and finally sit down with some of the other wonderful, like-minded Christian ladies I have had the privilege of chatting with. God bless you!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, what a bummer! Love your fall colors, LOL! Seriously, Ouch! If it doesn't feel like it is getting better, I'd go to the doctor. It is so sweet that your children were concerned. Hope it isn't as bad as it looks.