Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Christmas

Here are some more pictures of Christmas scenes at our house.

This is a basket from our den that I filled with ornaments, ribbon and berry picks.

Here is a garland on the top of our baker's rack in the dining room that I decorated with leftover ornaments, ribbon, lights and a few berry picks.

This is a console we have in the living room that has two lovely Lenox pieces that my Uncle Harry (my father's brother) bought. They are gorgeous. You may not be able to see it well, but the sleigh was one of the presents he got for us this year. He always gets the most wonderful presents for the family. He is great about getting educational toys for the kids, and Jonathan and I have appreciated them so much. He came down this year and spent Thanksgiving with us. It is always wonderful to see him. It was especially nice having a part of Dad's family for the holiday. I will try to post more about happenings with the family soon. God bless you all!

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