Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at our house

Here are some scenes from our house this Christmas season. We wish all of you could visit us in person, but since you cannot, we thought we might bring a little of our home to you.

This is a Christmas scene from our buffet in our dining room with some of our Snow Village houses. I didn't get around to putting them all up this year. But, I enjoy looking at them and seeing all the fake snow. I miss being in the mountains of North Carolina where we were sure to get at least one good snow a winter. For now, this will have to do. :)

This is one of the ornaments that we have on our "Jesus Tree." I found a wonderful store owned by a Christian artist when we lived up in the mountains and her store carried these wonderful ornaments with the different names of Jesus found in the Bible. We have about 15 of them. We also put small nails, crosses, crowns, etc.,any ornament I can find that reminds us of our Lord. This is the first tree that traditionally goes up and the last one to go down.

This is a picture of the "Jesus Tree" from a distance in the living room.

This is a small tree we have in the corner of the dining room...mainly red and white ornaments. I move this tree around to a different place everytime we move. That's one thing about the always gives me new decorating ideas! I will post more later.

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