Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Someone Turned Five!

It is hard to believe that my baby girl turned five on Sunday!  We had her birthday celebration on Saturday.  She was so excited.  We don't have a lot of birthday traditions...but there are a few.  The birthday child gets to choose what we have for dinner that night...Julia is a great fan of spaghetti.  She takes after my Dad on that one.
We do not watch a lot of movies, so the birthday child gets to choose a movie from our collection that they want to watch.  She picked "Runners from Ravenshead" from Vision Forum.  She likes that movie a lot because all the actors are children.  And their Nana usually gets them the cake of their choice.  Since she is a wonderful baker...she makes from scratch red velvet, carrot or pound cakes...but she mentioned ice cream cake to Julia...and the others were quickly forgotten!  So Julia had a strawberry shortcake ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  We do the not so healthy cakes on their birthdays.  I abstained from eating some...but it was hard!
Daddy cut the cake and gave them a much more generous portion than Mommy would have!  I have a feeling they will no longer want me to cut their cake anymore! 
I cannot imagine my life without my fifth blessing.  She has brought such joy to our lives.  She is by far our pickiest child!  She doesn't like to try new foods...doesn't like anyone messing with her hair...only wants to wear certain dresses again and again...and yet, she is so caring and loving in the next breath.  She is one of the first to crawl in my lap and give me a hug.  She is free with her "I love you's."  God has made her unique...and it is my prayer that this little girl will grow to be a giant of the faith! 
I am so thankful God has blessed my life with you Julia Haddassah! Happy birthday my sweet girl!


Chelle said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. I have a five year old too. H will be six in June. We let our children pick their meal too. They love picking it makes them feel special. Once my Mom took all the kids out to eat for their birthday. It was nice,but they said it wasn't the same as having their birthday at home.

Sergeant Zapple said...

Happy Birthday Julia! Your cake looked delicious.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Julia! Her birthday cake looks so delicious; I'm impressed that you were able to abstain Jackie...I'm afraid that I wouldn't have!

God Bless

Lois said...

Oh yes, birthday spaghetti. That's what I always picked too. I'd usually ask for them with meatballs. Happy birthday to your daughter. Being 5 is such a special age. Life is still a wonder and a joy, and girls especially are in a state of bliss at that age. Blessings to you all.

Camille said...

Happiest of birthdays to your little Julia! She is quite the young lady now! Five! :)

What a lovely cake...and well done to you for not having a piece!! WOW...that would have been very difficult. :)

Many blessings to you this week my friend!

In His Love,

His bondservant said...

Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes for Julia. I appreciate you all so very much!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

We're the same way with birthday cakes. I can't make something look that good and be healthy too! Once in while isn't a big deal. It looked yummy! Happy birthday to your daughter!

Trisha said...

Lovely, lovely FIVE! Doesn't the time pass so quickly, Jackie??

The cake is beautiful. :)