Friday, February 11, 2011

A Question for My Dear Readers

I have been contemplating blog posts lately. I have been thinking about starting a series or two and wanted to have the input of my dear readers.  When I started this blog, it was for the purpose of keeping friends and family in touch with what is going on in our family, and that will still be a priority.  But, over time, it has become something more...a place for me to write about what God has been teaching me...a place to gather my thoughts...a place for me to share my heart.

So, I am asking for your help.  I have some ideas about future posts, but can't quite seem to make a final decision about which ones to write about.  That is where you come in.  I would like to know what you would like to read here.  Here are some ideas I have been mulling over:

1.  Making the Most of Our Marriages
2.  Training Our Daughters to be Proverbs 31 Women
3.  Small Steps to Better Health (I have been thinking about posting a once a week health challenge for healthy eating/living.  With my own health issues and those of my children, the Lord continues to teach me concerning proper eating and herbal supplements)
4.  Ways to Show Love to Our Families
5.  Book Reviews

Those are a few mulling over in my mind.  So, please leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see on my blog.  I am greatly looking forward to your comments.  And thank you in advance for your cooperation!  Have a great day in Jesus!


Sarah said...

What a great idea! I would most definitely appreciate a series on training daughters. I have a 11 year old daughter and I am sometimes at a loss of how to train her, especially as I do not know any other Christian mothers (outside the blogosphere!)and most of my friends do not have any children who are as old/older as my own daughter. I currently pray earnestly for a Christian mother who can mentor me in godly parenting!

Great post Jackie!

God Bless

Chelle said...

I think its a great idea. It is hard for me to choose just one. I have two daughters so training daughters would be nice. I also have a love for herbs and things too. Hope its helpful.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Really, we have to pick? They all sound wonderful! If I HAVE to pick, I'm with Sarah. I'd like to here what you have to say about this subject :) And also sons.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love all these ideas! Go for it!

Jill said...


Thank you for your sweet comment about my daughter's allergy to eggs. It has been hard at times. I also understand completely about asthma! That will probablly be a whole post as well. My oldest suffers from it and we too have been in the hospital, steroids etc. I so is hard.
Keeping you all in my prayers. :-)

By the way a better health series sounds like a great idea for posts to me. Best Wishes!


Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ I think the health things you have learned would be interesting (I'm always trying to learn more), and book reviews (love books), and the Proverbs 31 ideas you have for training the young girls in our care...sorry, that was three...they would be my top picks. Your entire list is wonderful though...whatever the LORD lays on your heart would be a blessing I am sure. Thanks for asking! :)

In His Love,

Lois said...

I agree with Cheesemakin' Mama. You could create a cycle, commenting or updating on each one. If I had to choose, training daughters is close to my heart now. I thought I did, but now that she's 15 she likes jeans, doesn't like to cook or sew, but she's growing in faith which brings great blessing to this mom's heart. Oh, I think book reviews are great too.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

When I first read your blog post I wanted them all, so I decided to ponder. What would benefit me the best.

After the time of thinking, I have decided Raising our daughters or healthy eating and remedies would be good. But now I am second guessing myself! ;)

Whatever you decide, after much prayer, I am sure whatever you do will be for the glory of God.

Can't wait to hear what you decide!!

Trisha said...

Who couldn't benefit from all or any of those at some time or another? Great ideas, and I'm looking forward to reading what you have to share!

Cinnamon said...

Thank you for stopping by to welcome our newest baby girl, "rosie" to our family! How very sweet of you :-)

About your ideas~ I like them all :-)

I like the proverbs 31 for girls the most I think :-)