Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Somebody's Ten!!!

Well, we just finished celebrating another birthday at our house.  Our oldest son Josiah turned ten!  He liked the strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake his sister Julia had so much that he decided he would get the same.  We had them change the icing to blue to make it look a little more manly.  But, of course, when something tastes that good, who cares what it looks like?

He chose for his birthday dinner, chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese and pasta salad.  He is a big fan of noodles and cheese. 

This is one of the few times Julia is motivated to eat...when dessert follows.  She knows she only gets dessert when she eats her meal.  Joel is waiting patiently for the cake...I never have to tell him to eat.

I actually decided to get in a picture this time.  Sometimes when you are the one taking pictures you forget to put yourself in some.  Here I am with my sweet birthday boy.

Daddy getting ready to cut the cake for us.  Remember he always cuts big pieces, so the children prefer him to be the official cake cutter.

A very happy Josiah with one of his presents...this one from his Nana.  These are from Vision is a military patrol boat and they are compatible with Legos.  We got him a Jeep and a couple of men that go with the set and a video, "Soldiering Through History: The War Between the States."  Josiah is our military historian.  He can already far surpass his mother with facts about battles of all kinds.  I have no idea how God is going to use that knowledge, but we are excited to see how He does.   Happy birthday Josiah.  We love you!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Ha ha! We found some war quizzes the other day on line to sort of test the boys' knowledge. They didn't do too bad. It was mainly the dates that they didn't know. I was stumped, too!

Happy birthday!

Kenna said...

I can't believe they are getting so big. Strawberry cheesecake ice cream is one of my favorites too. Good to know about the Lego compatible toys although I think we already have too many.

Robin said...

Tell him happy birthday - (and your daughter a belated one!) What precious kids!

His bondservant said...

I am with you...I get a little stumped on dates too!

Sometimes I ask myself, "And why and I buying some more Legos...but it always goes back to the fact that Legos are the one toy they keep coming back to again and again." They are hard on the feet sometimes!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment and the birthday wishes too. God bless.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yeah! Excited he got that set. I've been eye-balling it for my Josiah. That is cute that he wanted the same cake as his sis :)

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Happy Birthday Josiah!!! 10 years old! Wow!!! My favorite is also icecream cake...yummy! I might request that for my birthday, but it is far away so I might have to come up with a reason why to do it earlier!!!
I pray Josiah, that the Lord would use this year to draw you close to Him, that you would have a love and desire for Christ like never before...

Mrs. Christine

(Legos DO hurt the feet! Especially in the middle of the night!!!)

His bondservant said...

Josiah has really enjoyed the Vision Forum military sets...I think your Josiah will as well! How neat that both of our Josiah's like them!

Thank you so much for your sweet words to Josiah. I will pass them on to him. He likes reading he is very pleased when someone writes to him! God bless you!

Camille said...

Happy belated birthday to your Josiah! What a fun post Jackie! You said it all in an entertaining! :) It was lovely to see a photo of you with your boy too...thanks for including YOU!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
In His Love,

Anonymous said...

My Josiah also turned 10 a few months ago and he loves the Lego sets from Vision forum. Of course what would you not like from Vision Forum. Their stuff is great! Tim Hawkins has a funny act about Legos, you might be able to see it on you tube or maybe his own web site.

missy said...

Oh sorry I also had to say I just love your ideas about putting books in bakets.

Trisha said...

What a wonderful celebration! It sounds like you have birthdays close together just like we do. I'm so glad you included a picture of yourself, too. I agree with you. I have to be very intentional to put myself in the pictures. :)

Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!

His bondservant said...

Yes, I have seen that Tim Hawkins is hilarious. Probably because I can relate to what he is talking about.

I wil pass on the birthday wishes to Josiah. Blessings!

Yes, it is hard sometime to remember that my kids just might like to have some pictures of me in their albums too!