Friday, November 26, 2010


I hope and pray that all my American blogging friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  I enjoyed so much reading all your wonderful comments on my last post about teaching our children to give.  You have inspired me in many other ways to further our giving as a family.  For that, I thank you.  I also wanted to say that I am thankful for each and everyone of you who faithfully visit my blog and leave your lovely comments.  The Lord has used you all so often to encourage me in the faith and to just make me smile.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving here.  It was just our family and my dear sweet mother...but the time was lovely, quiet and refreshing...Okay, maybe not too quiet with five lively children!  We had our traditional Fowler family meal with made from scratch mashed potatoes and gravy, a 13 pound free range turkey, sweet potato souffle, corn, and whole wheat rolls.  Yum!  It was once again a great opportunity to thank the Lord for all His bountiful blessings to us.  Of course, a heart of thankfulness should never be assigned to a specific day, but rather a lifestyle.  I am so very thankful for the husband he has graced me with, the five beautiful blessings of my children that make my life more meaningful, my dear mother who constantly gives of herself over and over in our lives in too many ways to name, my friends who make life sweeter, and most importantly my Savior who made this life worth living and will make the next life perfect joy!  And once again, thank you my blogging friends!  I truly am thankful for you all!