Monday, November 8, 2010

A Great Gift Idea

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (Public Television Storytime Books)
Most of you that have followed my blog, know that I have a thing for books...children's books, cookbooks, craft books...and especially spiritually edifying books.  This is one of my all-time favorite children's books!  It would make a great gift for any child on your list.  It is the story of a little boy named Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge who lives by a nursing home.  He goes and visits the patients there, but his absolute favorite person is an elderly lady who also has four names just like he does.  She is losing her memory.  Gordon doesn't understand what a memory is so he goes and asks the other friends there in the nursing home.  They give him some sweet answers, and still not fully understanding, Gordon goes and gathers precious things he owns to take to his friend to help get her memory back.  What happens next is even sweeter...but I won't give it away because I don't want to spoil the surprise.  It made me tear up a little bit myself!  So, if you have a young one on your list that you need to buy for...or you want to add to your own home library...I highly recommend this book.  I like the fact that it promotes respect for elderly people.  That it shows a precious relationship with this boy and the residents in the nursing home.  It is very well written.
I do have one disclaimer about it though.  There is a part where one older gentleman was known for telling Gordon "scary" stories.  We personally do not condone scaring we just blacked out the word "scary" and it read that he told him stories.  If you want to preview it first, check it out from the library first.  I think you will like it. 


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I've never heard of this one. Will have to see if I can find it at the library. Thanks!

Trisha said...

Just in time for Christmas! Thank you for the recommendation. I used to take my oldest boys to a nursing home weekly when they were little. What a blessing they were to the residents.

Camille said...

Sounds like a fun book Jackie! I share your love of books...isn't it wonderful? Thanks for sharing your "finds"! :)