Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome Spring!!!

Things here are so beautiful this time of year.  We have had an unusual amount of pollen that has affected those of us with allergies pretty badly, but with the beauty all around us, we cannot complain.  These pictures were taken in various parts of the yard.  We are renting the house we are in and we have enjoyed so much the lovely plants that grow here. 

All this beauty just once again points me to my wonderful Creator God.  Truly man is totally without excuse when he gazes on the splendor of God's creation.  Few things lift my spirits like the beauty of flowers. 

We have been incredibly busy here at home lately...thus my lack of posting.  I have tried to corral a few spare moments here and there to finally finish the huge job of changing out the children's clothing for spring and summer.  I was already behind one season due to my husband's you could say I had double the work this time.  But, all closets and drawers have been reorganized and bins are labeled and stored in the attic waiting for the next season of use.  Now that the clothes are finished, I am putting my extra moment efforts into changing our guest room into a sewing/craft room.  Joy and I are really looking forward to having all our supplies in one place and those safely out of the reach of little hands.  It always makes me a little nervous when pins and scissors are easily reached by little fingers.

The final picture is of my precious children.  They are under the fig tree out in our front yard.  It is amazing how quickly they grow.  Life truly is short and oh so fragile.  Love on those blessings while you may...and have a good and godly day today!  Until next time!


Camille said...

What a lovely post Jackie! It is always a blessing to visit with you! Your children are beautiful and they will be grown so quickly!! ENJOY these precious days to the fullest!

I agree with you on the beauty of God's makes my heart sing!

How terrific that you got through that sorting clothes must be so pleased that it is all neatly filed away for the future. I am so a creature of organization and the disorder of life sometimes can be stressful. How lovely to be able to complete a task you have set out to do! Good for you!

AND...enjoy that sewing/craft lovely that will be! :)


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I am enjoying spring so much. This last weekend, I just chilled with my little ones since the grandparents had taken the older ones. I couldn't believe how easy it was! The older ones are in such a different stage emotionally.

I love the picture of them all together. Your flowers are breathtaking!

His bondservant said...

Thank you Stacie. I am glad you got some time to just enjoy your little ones. And I am sure your older children enjoyed that special time with grandparents.

His bondservant said...


Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, the time with our children goes by so quickly and it is truly precious. I too have a problem with stresses me out...but I have learned that those lovely huge blocks of time rarely come I set my timer for 15 to 20 minutes and stay at it. It may take a week to complete, but at least it is completed!

Lois said...

Your spring is lovelier than ours. My neighbor's roses are blooming at least, but I spent two days uprooting the thistle patch from the front yard. And I'm envious of your fig tree! I bought one last year from the farmers' market and it died. I'm going for a slightly bigger one this year, so it will tower over the west Texas weeds that call themselves a yard! I loved your flowers, so much color. Thank you.