Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun Science

This is a fun science activity to do with your children.  Isn't this guy cute?  He is made of an old pair of hose, some dirt, seeds, small scrunchies, some eyes and glue.  To make this little guy, just cut off an old pair of hose about 7 inches above the part where you would place your feet. Take about a teaspoon of seeds...chia, grass, wheat, etc. and place them in the hose first.  We didn't use wheat seeds, but if you grind your own bread, they would be great to have the wheat grass growing for the hair.  Once your seeds are in the bottom then begin stuffing the head with dirt...or potting soil, whichever you have on hand.  Make sure you shove the dirt in really well and pack it down.  You will know how much when you start to have a good shape for the head of your creature.

Next, you will tie the hose at the bottom of your head.  To make the ears and nose, just grab some dirt in the hose, pull it out and then place a small scrunchie there to keep it in place.  Glue on your eyes and that is all!  Make sure to water your head everyday so that the hair will grow.  This is about two weeks worth of growth.  The hose holds water pretty well.  In the beginning, I just watered the heads twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  You can keep it in a small plastic bowl to avoid getting dirt, or water in unwanted places.  There is no need to place them in a sunny place, our seeds did fine just by keeping them on the counter with only the lights from inside the house. 

The children enjoyed making these and seeing the hair grow.  It is a great way to make science fun and let them get their first taste of growing something on their own. 


The Heaton Family said...

What FUN!!!!!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I've done something similar to these in MOPS one year. Josiah loved it! Your's are cuter than ours were. I should do it again sometime. Thanks for bringing it to mind again.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

So, so cute! My kids would love this!

Camille said...

Too cute! I love the assortment of little "men" you have there in the last pic! :)