Friday, May 22, 2009

Somebody's Five !

Today was a very special day. We celebrated Joel Micah's fifth birthday! Technically, he turned five on Monday the 18th, but we don't always "celebrate" birthdays on their actual dates. Sometimes life happens and we can't always manage to have the celebration then. So, this being one of those times, we celebrated it today. Joel is my fourth child and my second boy. He is such a unique little man...aren't all children special in their own way? It is hard to believe that he is five now. On his actual "birth" day, five years ago, his Daddy was deployed for the first time. And now, five years later, we are celebrating his fifth birthday with Daddy's second deployment.

Joel is the introspective one of the family. He is not a huge talker, but when he does talk, his volume button is on max. (smile) Joel and his little sister have a special bond. She follows him everywhere, wants to do everything he does, and he patiently, (well, most of the time) lets her come right alongside him. He is the spontaneous giver of the family. Out of the blue, I have seen him give up a beloved toy to his siblings, just because they wanted it. He is my "finder." When I lose something...Joel is right there to help me and most of the time, finds it before anyone else! He is the one who will lose his voice regularly because he is trying to sound like an animal or some creature in Narnia doing battle. I am blessed to be his mother. And I am thankful God has given us these five years together. I look forward to many more, Lord willing. This was his cake...nothing fancy, but with a few creatures and castle from Narnia!

Daddy and I got him this Alamo set. He likes the Alamo because of the battle...but he is most excited that he was born in Texas where the Alamo actually is!

Here he is lining up the Mexicans to make a run on the Alamo.

Young brother and sisters joining in on the fun!

Even girls enjoy setting up the Alamo.

The attack is almost ready.

The battle begins. I'm glad it is only pretend!

Oh, and here is one of his favorite toys. His Nana gave it to him. Yes, it is a black Minotaur. Boys, you just gotta love 'em! And Joel, we sure do love you! Happy Birthday son.

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