Monday, May 11, 2009

Laughter in the Midst of Loneliness

A little over a week ago, we had a visit from my dear husband's parents. They came down and spent a few days with us and the visit was like cool refreshing waters in the middle of our desert times. The children always love having company, but when that company happens to be grandparents...the excitement is overwhelming at times! Before they arrived they must have asked me a hundred times..."Now when are they going to be here?" "Didn't they say it the afternoon?" And on and on and on! After a while, I had run out of creative ways to answer that question and I just said..."They will be here when they get here." Of course, that is never good enough for the six and four year old! During their visit, they helped do some things that my husband would have done if he was here. It was such a help to me.

But, I suppose the most memorable occasions for the children were when Grammy Poppa wrestled with the one time...all five of them at once. Now, that job is left up to my husband when he is here. I don't even attempt that any more. But, Grammy Poppa...a retired military man, former Ranger, Special Forces kinda guy...they didn't scare him...not one bit!
He gave them a run for their money! I sat there watching all this unfold thinking....How does this man do it? He is almost 73 and he can run circles around fact, he could probably run circles around a lot of 20 somethings I know! He is unbelievable!

I wish I could bottle up all his get up and go and market it. I would be a rich woman.

But, the greatest part of all of this, is that he took time to make memories with the children...memories usually made by their father...ones they miss so desperately. It was an act of love and tender kindness and it reminded me of how God provides for us even in the direst, and loneliest of circumstances. We have felt at times that we are living in our own desert...apart from the one we love so dear...that our family is not quite complete... it is so very hard at times. But, for that brief time, God provided streams of water in our desert and He did it through the love and concern of my husband's parents. It was a special time and one that we will never forget. One that once again reminded me that God looks after His children...if a sparrow cannot fall without our Father seeing and caring...then He can bring special people to help ease the pain of my little ones loneliness. We serve a great God.

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