Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy Spring Days

The weather here has been beautiful for the past couple of days. I do so love this time of year. We are still awaiting the time for my dh to leave for a faraway land, and this, of course, has the whole family feeling very sad. So, to have the beautiful sunshine during this time, is such a welcome sight for us. It doesn't take the heartache away, but it does remind us of God's beauty surrounding us regardless of the difficult circumstances we may find ourselves in. We are continuing our school days. Josiah will be finished with his second grade reading and phonics on Friday of this week. I have already ordered his third grade work, but don't know if it will actually be here when he is ready to start it the next week! He has a few lessons left in math and we are progressing well with history. I am teaching history to Joy and Josiah at the same time, just doing so on two different levels. Right now we are studying the time period of "Explorers to 1815." It is really amazing what I wasn't taught in school myself. I am gleaning quite an education right along with them!
Joanna is in the third six weeks of first grade. She is progressing well with her reading. She enjoys school a lot and is very good with handwriting as well. She desperately wants to catch up to her big brother Josiah...and knowing Joanna, she just might do it! She taught herself to ride a bike! She is one determined little girl! I just imagine what her strong will under the leadership of the Holy Spirit can accomplish for the Kingdom of God!
Joy is steadily progressing with school as well. She has become so much more disciplined in her studies. She spends most of her spare time either reading or crafting. And she is such a great help to me. She enjoys cooking as well and I can see her growing in her walk with the Lord. It is such a precious moment to see your children grow up before your eyes and have them able to talk with you about the things of God on a mature level.
We have put the soil in for our square foot gardening and I will be buying our plants very soon. We are so excited about learning this year in the garden. We want to be able to grow most of our own food one day. It will help with finances, as well as assuring us of health benefits in knowing how it was processed! I will be taking pictures and let you know our successes and failures along the way!
We are in the process of changing out clothing for the spring/summer season. That is always a momentous undertaking here! I am putting clothes in good to excellent condition in a container to take to the consignment shop to sell. We will use that money to buy other clothes we need, or to buy new shoes. Then, those clothes that are to be passed down, must be put in containers to put in the attic. It doesn't sound like much, but when you have five children to do this is quite a job. I try to do one child's clothes at a time because I cannot take the chaos of five bins out and clothes everywhere at one time!
We will post updates on dear husband while he is away. Please keep his safety in your prayers. Pray also for godly men that will be an encouragement to him while he is over there. Pray the Lord's blessings on his ministry while he is there.
Pray also for the children. Pray for the protection of their hearts during this time. Pray for their obedience, as they tend to show their hurt over the situation in unhealthy ways sometimes. Pray for my patience and strength during this trying time. Pray for our health. We know that God is ever with us...and that is what gives us the strength to face another day. We praise God for His faithfulness to us!

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