Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrating God's Blessing to Me

Tomorrow marks a much celebrated day in the Fowler household. Our third child was born on that day. Joanna Grace will be five years old. My how the time really does fly. That day is also special in the Fowler household because it was the day God chose to providentially bless my life by creating the man that would one day win my dear husband Jonathan. So, for today I want to write a pre-birthday dedication to him.

Some reasons why I love my husband Jonathan:

My blog could not hold all the reasons why I love Jon, so I thought I would just give you a glimpse of a few of them:

I love him because he seeks to honor the Lord in his life.

I love him because he is my best friend...he always knows what to say when I need it most.

I love him because he is a wonderful father...his job provides us a living, but his family is his real ministry.

I love him because, after Christ, we are first in his life...he is constantly thinking of ways to make more time to be with us, even if it means late nights working just so he doesn't take time away from the children.

I love him because he makes me laugh...he helps me to see the humor in a situation. He is my stress releaser!

I love him because he is right there to change a diaper, brush little children's teeth, helping to clean up after meals, etc...not because he is asked, but just as a way to let me know he cares.

I love him because he guards himself in relationships with other women...not being alone with them...just because he wants to honor his relationship with me.

I love him because he still looks at me and tells me how beautiful I am...even though I know the years have taken their toll on me.

I cannot think of anyone I would rather be around than my husband. He is truly a blessing from the Lord and I thank God for him.

Don't forget to tell those you love what a blessing they are in your life! And don't forget to thank Christ for all He has given to you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my dear friend! This is only the second time I have visited your blog- what wonderful pictures. Can I express to you what it does to my heart to see pictures of your family? It makes me ache with missing you, while it brings warmth to my heart to see the faces of those whom I love so dearly. You are family to us. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We love you.