Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beautiful Days

Don't you just love these early days where spring is just around the corner? Even with the pollen coating our vehicle and outdoor items, it is a beautiful thing to behold. These days always make me feel more energetic! Although public schools around here are having spring break, we are still schooling, though on an abbreviated schedule. Due to our move coming up here in June, and all the things that lead up to that, we are pressing on with school, knowing that we will have to take a break to get things ready for moving here in a couple of months. It is hard to believe that in another three months, we will be settling in to a new home...and the same place I called home for years. There are so many things to get done before we leave. I always look forward to getting to a new place, but the process of getting there is one of my least favorite things! The moving process always seems to stress me out! So, pray up for me on that one! Jonathan and I have begun the enormous task of dejunking! That is one of the benefits of being in the sort of makes you reevaluate all your items to access whether you really need it or not. Extra weight becomes a burden in a move, as well as a possible expense. And then one never knows what size house you may be heading to. Here, we have had the privilege of having two units made into one, but we will not have that luxury at Fort Bragg. So, we will be giving up about 700 square feet. So, needless to say, we need to REALLY take inventory of the things we have. But, it has already been a freeing process and we are only just beginning. We have begun to ask ourselves, how much is too much? As a Christian, when is enough enough? Things can be nice, but when one has too much, they begin to drain you either financially, or just by maintaining them. It is so nice to open drawers and closets and see necessities nice and neat, rather than chaos and one more thing staring me in the face saying, "Come and organize!" So, we will continue probably up until the last minute...and of course, we will still have some left to do when we arrive. It always seems to happen that way. But, we look forward to the new opportunities the Lord has in store for us there. Here's wishing you all a God blessed day!

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chelle's winks said...

Happened upon your blog by chance and enjoyed reading. Good luck with your move. My best friends husband is in the Navy and they will be moving again in a couple of years. I hated when she left last time but this time I hope she comes back home.

Good luck to you and your family....