Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Joy of Family

Today has been a special day. Not that we have done anything out of the ordinary, but just because God has given me a special lens to see with today. Some days are so busy with all the tasks of life, that it is hard to appreciate those things most precious to us. I admit that there are days where I am running here and there, trying to check off all the things on my to-do list, without really stopping to enjoy those closest to me. But, today was different. Today I had a really good day...not because anything special happened, but because I was able to look at the "ordinary" things of my day and realize how special they truly are. Today I really looked at my children and thanked God for them. I took time to enjoy their smiles, laughs and hugs. I had a great time teaching Joanna to read, Josiah and Joy new math concepts, and I just relished in the fact that they clung to every word of a historical novel I am reading aloud to them. (The Red Keep by French) We took a walk...all five of them (which is a feat in itself) to the commissary to pick up two items. They had a great time walking in a line behind me like little ducklings after their Mama Duck. We got some stares from the passing cars, but we loved it. I hope people look at us and, it sure does look like a lot of fun to have a big family. You know what? It really is. There are more laughs, more playmates, more hugs, and more children to bring up for Christ. What an awesome thing! Today was a great day. And I think the children felt it too. Joy hugged me and said, "Mom, this has been a great day. Thanks for everything." When I was doing school with Josiah, I put my arm around him. He said, "Mom, I wish you were younger." I started tickling him and laughing saying, "Are you saying your Mom is old?" He said, "No, I just wish you were younger so you could stay with me longer." How sweet is that? Joanna and Joel both told me at different times that they loved me. And Julia periodically ran up to me and just gave me hugs. Today was absolutely priceless. And I thank my God in heaven for allowing me to live it to the fullest. When you pray, ask God to give you a special lens to look through. It may not change your circumstances, but I guarantee it will change your outlook! Have a God blessed day!

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