Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where the Buffalo Roam

I used to sing the song when I was a kid in North Carolina, "Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam…"  Little did I know it was prophetic for me many years later.  About 20 minutes from our house, we have a Wildlife Refuge.  It spans about 600 acres across parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

They are actually bison.  There are herds of bison, elk, and long horn cattle that run free here.  It really is a fascinating place.  The children love it.  

Yes, I was really that close to this guy while he was scratching his head!  Fortunately, we were in our van.  You can get out and walk here, but these are still wild animals and you still have to be careful.  We were told there were deaths from the animals every year.  Some people get too close and end up losing their lives.

This guy was awfully big.  They are so used to vehicles…they aren't even phased.  But, of course, if I were as big as he is, I might not be phased either!

This guy was eating beside the road. 

This is a little harder to see, but there is a prairie dog there.  They have a large part of the refuge that has hundreds of these little guys.  They are so adorable!    
This is one of the more pleasant things we like about Oklahoma.  I look forward to filling you in on other things as well.

On another note, today is election day…Please go out and vote.  Remember, regardless of who is President elect this time tomorrow…Jesus is still on the throne!


Ma said...

What cool pictures. I saw that you were back to posting last week and was happy to see it. Thanks for the visit at my place as well. I look forward to hearing about what has been going on.

Sgt Zapple said...

Thanks for pictures of home. We had a small pasture outside my hometown we called "Prairie Dog Town". There were hundreds of them and we got so excited to see them like 3 times a week.

Somewhere near Wichita Falls, TX someone has Camels. I don't think it is in that refuge but also fun for kids to see. So glad you are adjusting :)

~marci~ said...

Just started following your blog. What a blessing to read your encouraging words, and your faith in Jesus. Those bison look intimidating!

His bondservant said...

Thanks for stopping by…glad to connect with you again.

Sgt Zapple,
Yes, I really like the prairie dogs…they are adorable. Next time, I hope to get some close-ups.

Thank you for following…I appreciate it so much. Looking forward to getting to "know" you!