Sunday, June 5, 2011

What the Last Few Weeks Have Been Like

I thought I would show you a glimpse of our last few weeks.  This first picture is from the hallway of the house we just moved out of.  Jonathan was getting boxes we stored in the attic so we could pack for our move.
We did a partial move ourselves through Uhaul.  As you can see, the truck was backed up to the front door for easy loading.  Here my husband is placing one of our red bookcases.
Many of the boxes that we packed ourselves were full of books.  Even though the boxes were small, they were a little heavy for one child to carry themselves.  But, our children still desired to help.  And they were a very big help at that too!  Here the girls are carrying a box together.  They would carry them out and then Jonathan would put them in place.
My boys in action.
Joy carrying one by herself.  She has a thing for going barefooted.
Finally hitting the road in the Uhaul.  The children took turns riding in the front with Daddy. 
After we unloaded the Uhaul at our new home, it was right back to Fayetteville to prepare for the movers to come and pack/load everything else.  When you move as much as we do with moving companies, you learn to have a "no pack" corner.  These are the things that you want to be able to put your hands on as soon as you get to the new place without sifting through hundreds of boxes!
Our den soon became an obstacle course.
This is the bonus room in the new house.  See why I have not been blogging much lately?  Most of the rooms looked like this. 
I hope to show you some pictures of this room when it is finished.  I still have quite a ways to go.  This is going to be school room/library/craft there is a lot to put away and find places for everything.  I am so thankful it is a nice large room and there are so many windows.  I just love having the light shine through most of the day. 
Oh, I wanted to show you a creature that was attempting to be a stowaway.  So glad the children didn't catch him.  They would have been smuggling it to the new house.
And this is the view of the house we are living in for the next 14 months...until we get ready to do this all over again! 

And this my friends is what we all did when it was finally over! 


Chelle said...

Wow. I hope ou get it all together soon. We are trying to get a new computer. Ours just doesn't seem to work well. Right now I am using our towns wireless internet. I hope to have ours back up soon. Love you new house. Please pray for us as we try to sell ours. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Seeing all your pictures of moving made me think back to the last time we moved a few years ago into the house we have now. It was just me and my husband doing everything, and I thought that the stacks of boxes would never come to an end!

I haven't moved as much as you, but I have always had a "no pack" corner. Besides, some things I just don't trust to be put into a box for fear of being broken or "lost."

I look forward to viewing your new school/library/craft room. I like that it has so many windows, which allows for much sunlight to stream though on nice summer days.

The outside view of your home is simply gorgeous! I like the colors of gray and white together, but don't ask me why. :)

Okay, this post is getting too long. Try not to work too hard during your move and also, try to get some rest in-between being a Mom and everything else. :)


-L. Rose

P.S. Oh, your daughter has a lovely blog! :)

Joy Liz said...

Wow! It's hard to beleive that our house looked like that a few weeks ago! You and Dad have done a great job unpacking all the boxes. I think that the bonus room has improved alot! To think that we caqn acctually do school in there now is amazing.
Hope the remainder your day is wondeful!
Love in HIM,
(your) joyliz

1ofHis said...

...and where was mom when all this loading and unloading was being done?? Hmmm....? Oh, wait...taking pictures. LOL!:) Just kidding. I can totally relate to your daughter about not wearing shoes. I do the same thing...who needs them? Well...except now, I have to wear them in the yard because of all the stickers. Great idea about the no-pack corner! Wow, I can't believe you have to do this all over again in 14 months! Thanks for sharing about your adventure...really enjoyed it.:)

Camille said...

What a lovely home Jackie...I am so pleased for you!! What a beautiful sunny room you have for your books and crafts, etc....wonderful!! How MUCH there is to do...but, you are making great progress. Thanks for the update my friend. Enjoy the journey. :)

In HIS Love,

His bondservant said...

I will definitely be praying for you my friend...that you house will sell and that the Lord leads you to just the place He wants you.

Lady Rose,
Thank you for your sweet comments..I hope I can post pictures soon. That all depends on how long it takes me to put everything in its proper place. Thank you also for the sweet words about my daughter's blog. She is a great kid.

Always the encourager! We can at least see our way across the floor anyway...and most of our books are up. But, we will always be able to find some nook or cranny to get some schoolwork done! Love you!

You're too funny! Yes, it is one of those things being a blogger has done to me...Wow..I can put this on a post! And since I did most all the packing...I thought it would be okay! And it does seem a little intimidating that the whole thing has to be done in 14 months again. But, it has really made me keep dejunking with every box I open! And that's a good thing.

It is a nice sunny home. I have never been in a home with this many windows. I just love light streaming through! Take care my friend!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful new home! I can so sympathise with ALL the boxes! We have moved across the globe I understand how chaotic it can be!

I am so glad that are now settling in the your new home. Thank you for keeping us all updated with your familys progress!

Jill said...

Beautiful home you moved in to! I love the porch!! :-) We've moved a lot too so I totally understand. Deep breathes, just take it day by day. Wishing you all the best!!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That house is beautiful! What a good idea to do a partial move yourself. I've known a lot of military families who have moved and missed things like couch cushions or had their valuables broken. I don't envy you, though. The thought of moving all our stuff terrifies me!

His bondservant said...

Sarah and Jill,
Thank you for the kind comments. It is a lovely house. Sometimes I feel a little strange living in someone's else's home!

It terrifies me too Jackie…no matter how many times I do it. I am trying not to dread already the move in a little over a year!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Oh my!!! 14 months? Wow...I like your helps you to declutter.

I can not wait to see your bonus room! I also love much light shining in but our house here in Texas has little. I'm thankful, though, that my husband has a job where he can provide and I get to stay home with the children.

Your home is beautiful!!! I pray the Lord will use you in this community for His glory.


His bondservant said...

Thank you so much for being such an encourager. I pray the Lord uses us here as well. I hope to have the bonus room looking good enough to take pictures soon. It is certainly not there yet!
God bless you,

Camille said...

Trust you are getting more and more settled as they days go by my friend! Hang in there! Have a wonderful week! :)

Many blessings,

Jon said...

Hi Jackie,
I am happy your move is going well. Just so you know, I deactivated my Facebook account. It just became too much for me. Cindy and I are still headed to China on 7/29. I also have an interview at the University of Virginia on 6/23 for an executive position. Life is moving really fast all of the sudden. That is the way God works many times. You can pray for years and it doesn't seem like He is listening and then all of the sudden He answers in a way that lets you know that He is in complete control because His answer is sometimes too big for you to handle alone.

God continues to bless you and your family in big ways. You and Jon are doing a wonderful job.
God bless.

His bondservant said...

So excited for you and Cindy! I know God will bless your travels to China. Wow, the University thing is sudden isn't it? Send us your email so we can get together with your family when we come to town. Now that you are no longer on FB...don't know how to get in touch when we go to Fayetteville. Still hope to get the families together. Will be praying for you guys and your potential adoption!
In Christ,

Wendy said...

Wow, I'm amazed that you've had time to blog at all! Great photos that you'll be glad to have later of a lovely family. Hope your settling in is going well.