Thursday, June 23, 2011

Confessions of a Negligent Blogger

Okay, I must confess....I have been a negligent blogger.  I will try to do better.  So many things have been happening...I thought I would share a few of the things that have kept calling me away from my blogging world.
Well, there is the lovely campus to see.  Lots of things to explore there!  Oh, and we have just finished up our end of year testing...I was a little late on that one!

There are produce stands and farmer's markets!

Plenty of toads to keep a mother happy!

Beautiful butterflies outside my windows.

Skies only God could paint!

Our friends that come and feast at the edge of the property.

Some of the most beautiful moths I have ever seen!

The first Luna moth I have seen in person...landing on my wedding hat. 

And then there are the not so beautiful huge slugs wrapping around my daughter's arm.  You would be proud of me...I didn't even jump.  I don't want to be "that" kind of Mom.
And did I five blessings...who make my days so blessed.   I really will try to do better...but if I am negligent will know why!  Have a blessed day!


Chelle said...

You have good reasons. I find it hard to blog to. I am getting our house ready to sell plus keeping up with the rest. Please pray for us. We want God's will. Looks like you are enjoying your new home.

Trisha said...

Life is good, my sweet friend! Praise be to Him for His multitude of mercies. You are richly blessed, and I thank God for you!

Camille said...

Oh have been soooo busy with the move and your family and LIFE!!! We all understand! :)

Your photos are lovely (except the slug...eeewwww!!!) and your children are beautiful. Enjoy your new home and the new things to explore together there.

Love to you!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so "thank" kind of mom. I would have jumped, LOL! Looks like you've been busy with the better things of life. Yep, those things ARE better than blogging. I'm learning that, too :) Blessings, Jackie

Joy Liz said...

Thanks for using my pictures. I'll be taking more so you will always have a lot of them, I'll make sure of that! :) :) Hope your day is filled with love.
(your) joyliz

1ofHis said...

Blogging is definetly hard to keep up with. I love the picture of the moth on your wedding hat. I jumped for you when I saw the slug....that thing was huge! I am happy that you are enjoying your new home with your beautiful family.

Aritha said...

Beautiful pictures! It's great to read your blog.

Lois said...

Didn't the slug leave a trail of slime? I haven't seen slugs like that since I lived in Washington! Actually, I'd take a slug anyday over the humongous cockroaches in west Texas! Slugs sit there. Roaches are speedies!

But anyway, I appreciate your posts, and if blogging ever becomes mandatory for you, then it's time to quit, right? Freedom in Christ tells us that we are free from yokes of bondage which so easily entangle us. Never be BOUND by an obligation to blog!

Sarah said...

Apologies for being SO late in commenting here! That slug is HUGE! *shudder*

I understand completely about the lack of blogging...we are a little like that here at the moment. So many things I wish to write about and so little time. Though it surely is better living a great life than merely blogging about wanting one!

Have a great week in the Lord!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

We love bugs here!!! Beautiful Luna moth! Isn't God's creatures amazing?

Blogs are nice, a good way to meet others, share our faith, and so on, but our ministry is to be at home first...and I don't mean the computer! ;)

We all understand your first calling and would be greatly grieved if we knew you were putting your blog first.

Glad you are well and settling in.