Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Is Modesty?

This is such a wonderful video.  I wanted to share it with you.  I will say however, I don't care for the music at the very beginning and ending of the video, but thought it was such a good link, I decided to share it anyway.  We need to think as women how we are dressing.  We need to think as mothers how we are training our daughters to dress and to know that modesty is not just about what you put on, but ultimately what is in your heart.  We need to love Christ and our fellow brothers enough not to cause them to stumble because of how we dress and act in their presence.  I heard Paul Washer say one time that modesty can be described as something like this:  If what you wear draws attention to your face and thereby is a way to point others to Christ through your spirit, then you are modest.  If, however, how you dress draws attention to your body and away from you face, then that is not modesty.  I hope to write more about this later as I continue with my Training Children in Godliness series.  Pray about your dress...your daughter's dress.  Let your husbands critic your daughter's attire.  Most godly fathers know what men struggle with and will not allow their daughters to be such a temptation.  Let's be shining examples Christ for the world inwardly and outwardly.  God bless you!


Sgt Zapple said...

That was a wonderful message. I don't think I have ever heard that, ever. Which is sad because I have been attending church since I was a baby. How did they message never get to a young woman growing up in public schools and the world? Really, really sad. It would have saved me from many bad fashion choices and situations. But I am acutely aware of what I don't want my boys to see until they are older and can know that woman should NOT dress like those on TV.

Sarah said...

Yes this video was very thought provoking! It was so refreshing to hear that men are appreciative when ladies dress modestly. I think young ladies and teens would be blessed by hearing this more!

Camille said...

I like that Paul Washer quote...very good barometer! :)

I am not able to watch the video at the moment...but thank you for sharing your heart Jackie. It is a blessing. :)

In His Love,

Chelle said...

Very good. We haven't been to the mall for over three years because the posters they disply are horrible. I don't even like them I can't imagine what it is doing to young guys. I had a friend tell me one time, that she could wear anything she wanted. If guys have a problem they need to get saved. I told he that I disagreeed with her. She really never has talked to me again. I think that is how some girls think. We are very careful in what we wear. Even for my littlest one.

Lois said...

The question of modesty has arisen again in our family. I think my almost 16 yo daughter understands, but shopping for her is a horrible experience. Is it possible to find a pretty dress that isn't strapless? Sewing is just as challenging because I can't find patterns that don't copy store-bought styles. Even the fliers from Sears and Penney's that come in the mail have to advertise women's undergarments with women wearing them. Unfortunately, our culture is saturated with immodesty and it is all portrayed as perfectly normal. As for the guys, they've got some fashions that I object to also.

Yuri Richardson said...

Like you, I do not care for the music but the message was Great! I have three daughters and we try to have them dress as modestly at all times.
I would like to share this video with them.

Shalom In Yahshua

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing :)