Monday, August 17, 2009

A Daily Routine for Good Health

I may have shared with you before that three of my children, as well as myself, have suffered from various sicknesses. On a quest for a more healthy lifestyle for our family, juicing was one of the first changes I ever made. I can remember when my husband was in seminary. We were literally living from paycheck to paycheck and we saved our money to buy ourselves a grain mill for grinding flour to make bread and a Champion juicer! The difference it made in my own health was incredible. Over the years, and five children later, homeschooling, military moves, deployments, etc., juicing took a backseat due to time restraints.
But, when three of my children developed asthma and my youngest two had frequent visits to the ER, keeping their immune systems healthy became a non-negotiable. So, we gave up white flour, white sugar, hydrogenated oils, regular salt, and started buying mostly organic meat. We also added many more fruits and vegetables and a salad at least once a week. Now, juicing has become a daily routine...much like getting a good multi-vitamin in the morning. Juicing does take time. You must cut the ends of the carrots, wash them, cut up the apples, oranges, strawberries and whatever else you may want to juice. I have simplified my routine by getting as many organic fruits and veggies as possible.
Before we were able to buy mostly organic, I would have to peel the top layer off the carrots to keep it as pesticide free as possible. Having organic just means a good wash under the water and they are ready to go. Still, to juice for seven of us and then clean up does take a chunk out of ones day. But, we have been greatly reaping the health benefits. Do we still get sick? You bet we do! But, we have not gotten sick as much, nor have the bouts with sickness been as long or as severe.

I usually juice for two days instead of one. The juice only lasts 24 hours. You want to be able to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible without too much oxidation going on. This was one of the final products. The small jar is my 8 ounces. The children had already drunk their juice before I took the picture. The other jar will be divided up tomorrow morning. Juicing for two days allows me to only have to clean up every other day. If you do juice and you have little ones, do not give them the full 8 ounces recommended for adults. It is too much for their little systems. I usually give them anywhere between 3 or 4 ounces depending on their age and size. My youngest is three years old. Joy, being almost 13 gets a good size portion. If you don't already juice, I encourage you to give it a try. I think you will be pleased at the difference it will make in your family. Have a blessed day!


Gail Heaton said...

yum! that looked so good that I got out my juicer this evening (9:30 here and the little ones are in bed)and whipped up a bit of carrot/apple/ginger juice for myself (and my 13 yo son who heard the machine and came a-runnin')

thanks for the idea!

His bondservant said...

I am so glad to hear it Gail. I cannot tell you all the difference it has made in our own family. Happy juicing!