Friday, August 14, 2009

Praying and Studying

I know I am not the only homeschooling mom that has experienced this. But, I am seemingly at a crossroads right now concerning scheduling and curriculum choice. I have had these revelations periodically during my homeschooling journey, so this is not the first time for me. But, it is a crucial one. I have fortunately found peace with many of our curriculum choices, but still have not found a literature, art, music appreciation, and history program (or should I say programs) that I am totally sold on. I have tried many different programs, but none that seems to really "fit" what I want our school days to look like. So, much of my absence from blogging as of late has been because of seeking God on this issue and trying to figure out a schedule that works for our family to help things to run smoothly. Without my husband being here, planning time has been either non-existent or at a bare minimum. It is hard to have adequate planning time when little ones are underfoot all the time. So, larger blocks of time are now relegated to small increments stolen here and there. That isn't the best method when trying to look at the big picture of where I want us to be by the end of this year and to try and plan weeks in advance. On top of this, four of my five children have colds, so that has obviously put a damper on much activity that would be going on right now. So, for now, my days are waiting for God's choice of schedules and plans and lessons and curriculum. I will hopefully be sharing with you answers to all these pending questions in my mind soon. Until then, pray for wisdom and that I will hear His voice clearly. I hope you are all having a wonderful, soon to be end, to our summer season. I am already longing for the crisp, cool days of fall and the beauty of the colors of that time. It is one of my favorite times of the year. God bless!


Lois said...

I hear you, and feel your pain! It seems like I'm ALWAYS there. Too often my choices don't click with my kids' desires or interests. I did hear a home school speaker once say his wife asked him to choose a history curriculum, and he prayed about it, and handed her a Bible! Anyway, we just finished up the 2nd week of our new year, and I'm doing creation with my son, as my daughter is doing ancient history. They do marry up quite well, and I'm delighted that my son is enthralled with writing his arguments against evolution. It's excellent writing skills, too.
Hope you find your next niche soon.

By the way, it's a beautiful quilt. Congrats!

His bondservant said...

Thank you Lois. It is definitely hard sometimes to match up their learning styles with what "we" as parents prefer. And sometimes God totally suprises me by leading me to a curriculum I would have never chosen, but of course, when directed by Him, is exactly what we needed! We do a separate Bible, but like you, I am always looking for curriculum in history that teaches a Biblical worldview. Many of them out there do...but my daughter loves to read living books rather than get her information from a text book (although we do some textbook work). I am still very much in the redefining stage! Pray for me!