Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Funny, but so true!

I don't know how you feel about the area of sports.  We all probably have some very strong emotions when it comes to this subject.  I came from a home where sports was an idol.  There was always a game of some kind on the TV or radio.  Church was easily missed to get ready for big bowl games.  My father would get so upset when his team lost at times that for days it was difficult to be around him because he would almost go into a depression.  I became an avid college basketball fan.  Of course, it didn't help that I attended UNC-Chapel Hill!  This became a powerful tool for time with my father.  Sports was one of the few things where I felt we could make a real connection.  Because I grew up this way, I quickly saw the emptiness of this type of existence.  Vicariously living through the lives of the sports figures on the screen seemed very sad to me.  As a result, I couldn't even tell you who was playing in the Super Bowl or when it was to be on. I don't know when college basketball season officially starts, and I don't have my favorite player anywhere.  Well, okay, I take that back.  I like Tim Tebow…but not because he is a football player, but because of his love and courageous stand to be a witness for Christ!  

This video is funny and sad at the same time.  I am not saying that watching any sports event is sinful.  But, does our culture spend too much time on a game that matters little in the scope of eternity when there are so many other important things we could be doing.  Is our obsession as a culture with sports just another way for the enemy to keep us distracted from kingdom work?  Just a thought.


Lois said...

I agree 100%. Fortunately, I grew up in a non-sports family, although occasionally my dad would watch a game on t.v. My husband doesn't get into sports much either. But, in our culture it definitely is an idol. How sad that we exalt sports figures (even Christian ones) over Christ's servants in other walks of life.

Chelle said...

Our family doesn't get involved with much sports. We have been to our Indianapolis Indians baseball games some . But we do not worship them They are just fun to watch. I only know about the Super Bowl so much because it happened not far from where I live. I think its sad how much people really idolize these players. Hope you are doing well.

Yuri Richardson said...

Interesting. What comes to mind are two things:

1. The first Commandment of the OT,or the first Commandment of the NT

2. The second is the hybrid beast of Rev.13 in which part of his body is a leopard which represents Greece, where we get the Olympiad where we get the Olympics. And it says in verse 4-"and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who [is] like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"

Now isn't that interesting? Who is able to make war against a multi-billion dollar ($) industry? I use to be an avid sports supporter and would support my team to the hilt; be it local or international. While I do think we should be out in the open air and getting some good exercise (weather permitting)to keep our bodies (Gods' Temple) in good working order and have fun with the children in their innocent games; I'd like to keep YHWH (God) and His glory continually before me.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Shalom In Yahshua (Jesus)

Sarah said...

I agree with you Jackie! Our family cares little for sports. Although we do support our national Irish sport "Hurling".

Camille said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Jackie. I agree...the video was sad and true at the same time. How often we look for anything to keep us from thinking about or acting on the *real* things! Sports are not bad in and of themselves, it's what we do with them and how we may allow them to rule us in some way that is bad. May the LORD help us all to serve HIM in our lives moment by moment.

Blessings to you!