Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Here!

It has been so long since my last post, I am sure many of you have wondered if I gave up blogging forever.  Well, no, at least not yet.  But, there have been many things happening around our house that have kept me from blogging.  So, this post will be a catch-up of a few highlights of what has kept me away.  The pictures today are those around and in our home.  My oldest daughter Joy gets credit for the picture taking.  She is becoming quite the budding photographer!

There was a virus going around our church for a while.  My husband caught is first, then my son, my middle daughter, and then myself.  It was pretty nasty stuff.  It started mainly with a bad cough and that cough lingered for about four weeks.  I am still coughing some even after all this time.  But, praise the Lord, the worst of it is over.  We have also been working on a new schedule in our home and we are trying to work out the kinks and figure out the best use of our time.  We have been convicted about making every moment count for the Lord and the best way we feel to do that is to have a workable schedule in the home.  

I will try and share some of the things that work for us later after we get it running a little more smoothly.  The great thing about the schedule is that even though things are not tweaked to our liking yet, we have been able to accomplish so much more with it in place.  It has really been an effective tool.

We are also involved in many more classes for some of the children here, which has taken some time away.  Joy is taking photography, sewing and piano this year.  Joanna is taking piano and sewing and Josiah piano lessons.  We are very excited about these opportunities, but they take time to do and therefore, we are having to be much more selective about the use of our time during the day.

Also during this time my eldest son got a fever, stomach upset and some congestion.  It was quickly over, so we thought, but about five days later he started breaking out in a rash.  We thought it was chicken pox, but it has been going on for over 14 days and there have been new areas as recently as two days ago.  We took him to the doctor, she thought is might be measles, but it doesn't fit the measles rash or symptoms at all.  We are perplexed and have kept the children away from church in case he is contagious.  But, none of my other children have gotten anything similar so it doesn't seem to be contagious.  

This is what his face looked like, although fortunately, his face has completely healed.  It is mainly on his legs and arms. His legs are by far the worst looking. If any of you ladies have any suggestions for me, please let me know.  We have gotten him some anti-itch medicine that seems to be helping some.  I do think it is on it's way to healing, but it is a mysterious thing since we have never experienced anything like this before. 

Lord willing, we will be leaving next week to head to Ridgecrest for the Gospel-Centered Marriages retreat.  We are so excited about what the Lord will teach us  there.  I hope to share some insights when we come home.  Much of it will be centered on preparing our children for marriage through the courtship/betrothal model.  I am thankful for the opportunity to go and learn under those that have gone before us in this area.  We are definitely newbies to all this!  I will hopefully be back with some things to share after the conference.  Until next time!


Jill said...

Glad you are doing well! Beautiful pictures! Could your son have an allergy? Our youngest went through this before we found out she was allergic to eggs. Just a thought.

Have a wonderful week.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That retreat sounds great.

Your poor son! It isn't shingles is it? I know shingles are form of chicken pox. So glad he's healed up from that. How scary! Sorry to hear you have all been so ill.

Yep, every year we have to spend some time tweaking our homes schedule so we can get all the necessary things done. Sounds like you guys are doing well in this department :)

Beautiful pics. Great to hear from you again :)

Sgt Zapple said...

So sorry to see his little face. I hope the legs heal quickly. I have heard good things about coconut oil for the skin but it would depend on what it actually is. Maybe the leftovers of a virus? I might suggest liver support to help the body get rid of the toxins more quickly. Milk thistle is something I take everyday when I have been sick which seems unending right now. Praying for you guys!

Trisha said...

My precious friend,
I'm so glad to hear you're getting better. Please tell Joy she has done a fabulous job on these photos. My favorite is the sunlight coming through the window! Such peace and serenity!

What a time you've all had. May God heal you soon, and may your lips be full of praises for the many mercies He's shown you during this time.

Enjoy your marriage retreat. I'm looking forward to hearing what you learn.

Much love to you!!

Anonymous said...

It's good to "hear" from you again. I was beginning to wonder if you would come back to the "blogging world" anytime in the near future.

I'm sorry to hear that your family had to suffer with illnesses. I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Of course, your son's rash bothers me. I'm not sure what it is. I pray that he heals soon.

Sounds like your children are quite busy with learning new things. That's always exciting, but like you said, you do need to put "limits" on certain things so that your schedule is not over-stretched.

The marriage retreat sounds great! You'll have to tell us some of the things you have learned when you return.

~M. Wildflower

P.S. Your daughters photo's were excellent! :)

His bondservant said...

I don't think it is an allergic reaction because we haven't started anything new, but I am not ruling that out either.

yes, we are trying to get those necessary things done. The only way I can seem to accomplish that is with some kind of schedule.
I have heard good things about coconut oil too. I may need to try that. The milk thistle is a good idea too. I take it myself, but hadn't thought of giving it to Josiah yet.
God is good, even in the midst of the trials. He is so faithful to us. I look forward to sharing what I learn of HIm this coming week.
Madame Wildflower,
Thank you for your sweet comments. I am excited about the retreat and hope I have lots to tell you when I get back!

Jonathan said...

I'm so glad you feel well enough to blog. Even though I know what has been going on around here I still love to read your posts. You write so well. Love you Mom!

Camille said...

How MUCH has been going on there Jackie! I knew you were busy, but didn't know you were sick! :( So glad it seems to be improving! How scary it is to see our children sick and not know what to do for them...may the LORD give you wisdom and completely heal your son. I don't know what it might be either. I will pray for you all right now.

Sending you love from Canada!

P.S. Please tell Joy I think she is doing a fabulous job with that camera! :)

His bondservant said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. I truly appreciate them.

You are too sweet. Thanks for being there to help out so graciously. I love you too! Mom

Robin said...

I'm sorry to hear you've all been sick :( It's very hard when illness goes through our families like that. I know you've had a lot of suggestions already, but have you had your son tested for Lyme disease? My daughter had it last summer, and it started with a fever, and then went to a rash. Hers was the classic bulls-eye rash, but that doesn't always happen. I had it years ago with no rash at all, and my sister-in-law ended up with a rash on her stomach which wasn't a bulls-eye shape. There are also other tick-borne diseases, though I can't remember the names right now. Many of them have similar symptoms. I'll be praying that you get answers soon!

His bondservant said...


I had thought of Lyme's Disease, but thought they all came with a bull's eye rash. Thank you for sharing that this is not always so. We may need to take another trip back to the doctor and have him tested because we do have ticks here.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Joy...absolutely beautiful pictures! You have captured our Lord's majestic beauty through your lenses!

Jackie...How is your boy? Is he ok?

You were at the conference? We almost went!!! How cool that would have been! We know a family that was there... don't want to say their last names on here...Parents names are Mark and Kathy. They have 8 children...4 boys and 4 girls...all tall. Sound familiar?

Praying for your son. Hope he is well...


Sarah said...

Jackie, you HAVE been busy! Looking forward to an update when you get back from your retreat!

I hope that by now your sweet son has healed?

Beautiful photographs taken by your daughter...she is very talented!

His bondservant said...

It would have been wonderful to meet you face to face there! I was able to meet another blogging friend and that was a real treat. Maybe you can plan for the next one same time in October next year. We are not sure where my husband will be stationed, but we are hoping that it will be close enough to attend. The fellowship is just as wonderful as the sessions!

Thanks for your sweet comments. My boy is better and I hope to have some pictures up about the conference soon!