Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Happenings

Things have been busy here at our home.  We have enjoyed the recent four day weekend off with Daddy and the days he was able to stay home because of snow.  Would love to get a few more of those days!  Homeschooling is back in full swing and it feels good to be back in more of a routine again.  We finally got rid of the respiratory infection that hung around our house the whole month of December.  So glad to have well children again. 

It seems we are in a waiting mode right now.  We are anticipating my husband getting orders to move sometime within the next month.  We are excited about the prospect.  We will miss things about being here, but are looking forward to finding out where God might move us next.  I will let you know when I find out.  The move would probably take place this summer.  I cannot believe we have been in the military for 8 years now and we have never had a winter move.  I prefer moving in is a natural break from school and we get to start a new school year in a new location.  For those of you who are it just me, or do you find yourself anticipating the move too much before it arrives?  Sometimes I find it hard to live in the "here" when I know we are going somewhere "there."  I suppose anyone who has ever moved may have experienced this feeling...military people just seem to experience it more often.  I have to force myself when my husband gets his orders to keep my mind where I not start distancing myself from where I live.  I think I do that sometimes to cut down on the pain associated with a move.  But, it is hard to start packing, planning, decluttering and such and then still be fully engaged where one is.  But, I know none of us are promised it is important to be fully here for as long as God has put me here.  It can be exciting and exhausting thinking about all the changes that come about from a church, new doctors, new neighbors, new piano teachers, new dentists...and then sometimes when you think you have just settled in...the Army comes along and moves you again.  Sometimes I think this can be good for me.  I never get "too settled" anywhere.  It is a constant reminder that we are only pilgrims here.  This is not our real home.  We are only just passing through.  And as long as I we keep our hearts and minds fixed on the "there" of Heaven...the "here" will always be in the right perspective.  God bless!


Camille said...

Oh are a treasure to your husband!! What a wonderful attitude you have toward the whole moving thing!! How easy it is for me to get *settled* as you say...but you are right...eternity is our HOME and we are just *pilgrims* in this old world.

I *loved* seeing the photo of all of you together...what a lovely family picture. :)

May the LORD continue to give you the grace and strength to keep things in their proper place. How blessed we are to belong to HIM!

I am so glad you are all better! A little illness in the family really gives us an appreciation for our health, doesn't it?

Have a wonderful week my friend!

Many blessings,

Trisha said...

So glad to see your picture!! Beautiful!

May you have much peace as you wait to find out where your next move is. I hope you can delight in each day and live in the now even though it might be tempting to "wait until we're moved." :) Just thinking of how I get when something BIG is about to happen. HA!

Hugs to you, sweet friend!

Chelle said...

Your picture isvery nice. I love all your books too.I know how you feel about moving. We did some of that when we pastored. It's hard to leave some places and good to leave some. Maybe you could move closer to Indiana. I'm glad your family is doing better.

His bondservant said...


So sweet of you to say that...I really don't feel I am as much as my husband deserves. He truly is a wonderful man. One day, I hope to be a little more gets hard to move so often, especially when you get older. :) But, I have also had the privilege of seeing and experiencing things that I wouldn't otherwise. Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Such an encourager! Thank you!

I was just thinking how neat it would be to get closer to some of my blogger friends...I would so love to be able to sit down and have a cup of tea with some of you ladies that mean so much to me!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Your attitude is astoundingly wonderful!

I would have made a terrible Isrealite, and know I would have been grumbling every time God said it was time to pack up and go.

Very nice picture as well.

It must be hard to not distance yourself. I watched my friend do that, and I know that helped her cope, but it was hard on her friends.

His bondservant said...


It is hard sometimes not to distance yourself, but I hope I am learning to think of those here more than myself. I still want to keep friends who are close to me here as friends always...but, it is hard sometimes to take it all in emotionally. To leave those you love. Thank you for your kind words Stacie.

Jill said...


I just wanted to stop by to meet you and to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment. I am also following you, you have a cute blog! This post is one I can relate to, although my husband is not in the military we have moved many times with his previous job and I know how it feels to be "unsettled" My sister jokes and calls me a Nomad, but a home is where you make it and where you family is. I wish you all the very best.

Lois said...

I loved the family picture too! I feel for you in this move. I was single in the military, so a move for me was more of an adventure. One reason my husband married me (#87 on the list of 1000!) was I understood the military life. Women he met in churches could never move away from mommy and daddy. You are a blessing to your husband, and he is providentially fortunate to have you as his spouse.

Wherever you end up, I hope it will be a place you all enjoy living.
Blessings to you.

His bondservant said...


Thank you for the sweet note and for following as well. I am always humbled when anyone wants to follow my blog. I know there are so many wonderful places out there to visit. I know how you feel...I feel very much like a "nomad" at times. But, it really is is the people inside the walls that make the home, not the location.

Thank you for your well wishes. So far, we have enjoyed every place the Lord has sent us...some more than others of course. Where we are now is really my hometown and one of the places I really didn't want to come back to...but God even changed my heart on that issue too and we have met some wonderful people, revived old friendships and my children have acquired new skills. And of course, it is always a blessing being near my mother. She has been the greatest help to me in her care for the children. I don't know how I would have managed so many times without her. Thanks for leaving a comment...I've been missing you my friend.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

My SIL who is an army brat and married my BIL who is a career military man always tells her kids, "home is where your toothbrush is". I love that! What a wonderful, honest post. Praying God will put you exactly where He wants you and that you'll find new friends quickly. Great pic of the whole family!

His bondservant said...

Thanks Jackie. We are trusting the Lord to do just that. I will definitely be letting you all know when we know something...I can always use prayer warriors!