Friday, June 12, 2009

Beauty from the Eyes of a Child

I was busily working in the kitchen, cleaning up dishes, wiping off counters, getting ready to prepare for our morning juicing, thinking to myself, "My the children are so quiet. Thank You God that they are not arguing, or bickering this morning. That they are playing so nicely this morning."
A bright-eyed, excited five year old boy comes running into the kitchen, almost shouting, "Mommy! Mommy! You've got to come and look at our house!"
"Okay," I answer,"Just let me finish up this last little bit here in the kitchen."

The pictures tell it all! If you cannot tell...these are supposed to be bunk beds. They look more like shanties in the picture. Dress up clothes are hanging from the top bunk...legos spilled on the floor and in every type of container imaginable. Yes, this is a house in the eyes of a child.

Now, I must admit...the first thought that popped into my mind was, "Oh, what kind of cleaning up will have to be done here."
But instead of saying that...I smiled. Said something about how nice it was...took a picture for the sake of future memories and left them to their play.

Isn't it great that children find beauty and fun in all sorts of things?

Things we as grown-ups may find unlovely...they see wonder.

Oh to have the eyes of a child once more. We should never grow too old to see things from a child's perspective. Life would be so much lovelier if we did.

Thank You God for helping me to look past the "mess" to see those five precious diamonds in the rough. Take time to see life from the eyes of a little one today. It will be moments cherished and not wasted.


Lois in Texas said...

You have a great mommy attitude! My 2 were frequently involved in creative play that involved every single toy/stuffed animal they owned. I read in an organizing book that you should require your children to play with one thing, then put it back before they got something else out. I laughed til I cried. The cities they built with blocks, and the critters that were kings, presidents, and the tea parties they all engaged in could never have been performed with only one toy. Life is just too short to have a clean house! Now that they're older, they both brought out their stuffed animals for our garage sale and said, "Mom, we don't really play with these any more." That was a sad moment for me!

Gail Heaton said...

I LOVE this! I read it too late in the evening to impliment in my life today, but your message will carry me through this lovely Sabbath that is about to start. Thank you for the reminder!

His bondservant said...


My children NEVER seem to play with one toy at a time! But they use them so can you say no? I do have them clean up, but only after they have abandoned them all. And I dread the time when all the stuffed animals will be gone! (smile)

His bondservant said...


Thanks for the lovely comment. I pray you have a beautiful Sabbath as you rest in Him.