Monday, May 5, 2008


It has been a while since my last post. Things have been busy here. The children and I just got over a cold, and we have steadily been trying to look at housing options for our move to Fayetteville. It is hard to believe that by the end of next month, we will be unpacking and trying to get things settled into our new place. We are excited about the prospects the Lord has for us there, but are also daunted by all the things that have to be done before that time. After searching homes and such, Jonathan and I have decided that unless the Lord brings a home across our path, we will be living on post. We are not quite ready for the stress of trying to find someplace to live, what with schooling, packing, Jonathan finishing up his projects, etc. Although the thought of once again buying our own home was very tempting, unless God gives us clear direction otherwise, we have decided that this is not the right time for us. The last few weeks have been stressful for me. The moving process is a tough time, even if you do know where you are going to live! But, trying to find God's direction in whether we are to rent, buy or live on post, along with all our other responsibilities proved overwhelming for a time. It is at moments like this that God sends refreshment in so many different ways. And He is so faithful to send encouragement from people at just those needed times. I cannot tell you the times friends have written emails, mailed letters, called on the phone at just those times needed most. I thank God for His refreshing waters of encouragement from others when I need it the most. Just a few days ago, I got the sweetest letter from Jonathan's aunt and uncle. (Jean and Edd Lowe) They did not know I was having a difficult day, but God did. Their letter was so sweet and uplifting. I thank God for them. Then, the other day, my friend Diane from church called and we spoke a while. She encouraged me in the Lord and helped me to get my focus back on the things that matter most. I praise God for sisters in the Lord like that! So, whenever God brings across your path to make that call, write that email, mail that it. And know that God just may use it to be a soothing balm to someone who needs it most. May Christ encourage you all in His love.

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