Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keeping in Touch

The Fowler clan is alive and well! We have begun the new year with great anticipation to see what the Lord has in store for us as a family. Jonathan is now immersed in his new role here as a student in the Advanced Chaplain's course. The children and I are still busying our days with school, chores, and all the other tasks that life demands. We are here in South Carolina until June, and then the Lord moves us to another position. Although we have "preliminary" orders, we are keeping things a little quiet until "official" orders come out in February sometime. With the military, one must always be open for change. So, we are waiting to tell everyone our new assignment until things are a little more "set in stone." (If that is even possible militarily speaking!)
This blog is meant to keep friends and family "in touch" with the some of the day to day events in our lives. We hope you all enjoy "visiting" with us from time to time. We would much rather have you here in person, but maybe this will make you feel more in tune with our family as we strive to raise sons and daughters to the glory of God.

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Tim & Heidi said...

I love the Blog. Keep the updates coming. We miss you all.